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How to Care for Chickens : How to De-worm a Chicken

I am Dr. T.K. Roy, speaking on behalf of Expert
Village. Apart from the comfortable houses, good food, drinking water, the barns should
be dewormed. We should be giving medicines for worms once in every month, particularly
during the rainy season when chances of worm infestation is much more, in comparison with
other seasons. So, there are good medicines in the market which can be given to individually
to each barn once in every month, or when the number of barns are much more, then you
give them in a flock treatment method, that is, you give either, mix it the drinking water
or you mix it with the feed. And, also, check the barns for lice and mice “issecta” because
if you see the indicators from the opposite side then if there are lice or if there is
mice, then you can see them in the feather follicles. So, in that case, the eggs production
will be much less or egg production will be delayed. So, we’ll have to take the proper
precautions for treating those barns so that the lice and mice can be removed and the barns
can grow and start laying right eggs. Thank you very much.


  1. wildthing40486 Author

    This information is WRONG!When u read the label on ur wormer medicine 4 chickens,ur not suppose 2 eat the eggs 4 6-8 weeks,how the frig R u suppose 2 worm them once a month?How the flip R u suppose 2 eat the eggs,when ur not suppose 2 eat from an animal that has recently been de-wormed?When u de-worm ur birds,theres a 6-8 week dry spell!worm N the winter time wen they're not producing that's plain,simple & 1000x's safer!Just read & adhere 2 the instructions on the label !


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