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How to Care for Chickens : How to Make a Chicken Nest

I am Dr. T.K. Roy speaking on behalf of Expert
Village. Another important aspect is providing nests. When you provide a nest, so that the
birds can go inside the nests and they can, you know, become very comfortably acclimatized
within the nest and they will start laying eggs inside the nests. That is an instinct
of the bird that when they become adults and when they feel that they will start laying
very soon, they look for a very secluded corner and, you know, the little darker areas for
sit before they give their eggs. So, provide nests. Nests can be made of many items, many
materials. It can be made of wood. It can be made of, you know, it can be made of even
tin. But tin will be, you know, it will become hot during summer months and the birds will
feel uncomfortable. So better you use the, you know, wooden boxes to make them into a
nest. So there are different sizes. Now height should be about fifteen to eighteen inches
and depth should be about another fifteen to eighteen inches and the length and breadth
should be about fourteen to fifteen inches, having a hole in between, about eight centimeters,
I mean eight inches in diameter so that the birds can go inside the box. And you provide
some bedding material inside the box, like the bedding straw or the wheat straw or that
kind of thing so that the bird can go inside, sit on those materials and wait for the eggs
to come. And, in that way, if you provide, you know, the nest, they will prefer to go
inside the nest, there will be less eggs on the floor, and the chances of breakage will
be less and collection of the eggs will be much easier because eggs will be laid inside
the boxes mostly, so one can go and collect the eggs from the nests. Thank you very much.


  1. bluemoondiadochi Author

    well don't know if it'll help but chickens cuddle in group when it's cold. and for ducks, get muscovy ducks:leaner meat, bigger, quieter, and cold-resistant.

  2. Dan Doran Author

    What chickens are the best egg laying birds and which birds are primarily raised for their meat? I,m interested in egg production for my faimily of 6, How many birds do you recomend?

  3. Kalywonkas Author

    Well, i live in Eastern England, we get down to sort of 0 to -7 degrees (celcius) We put a hot water bottle into the coop, and extra bedding, the chickens just cuddle together near to the source of heat and are fine.

  4. Gizmo b Author

    please cud u help me i hv 3 hens, all roaming in the garden freely, but my garden is full of flies due to their dropings, cud u advice me wat i sud do?? plus twice one of the chicken has layed soft shelled egg, y is this ? pleaseeeee help me thanks

  5. Aaron .Kirchmann Author

    @Karuminu with our ladies, I clean the boxes thoroughly once a week, at least. More frequently if required. Using harsh chemicals (i.e. bleach) on them can do more harm than good, but if a bird gets a nasty disease that you want to keep under control, you may want to sanitize the box she uses. Anti-biotics in the water supply is also a good idea if the problem is bacterial in nature.

  6. krmna Bars Author

    Very good program, chicken are pets, is funny animal, smart, helps killing bugs around hous, help eating food leftovers and compesaite with eggs; end en you have eggs meet an a friens.
    good luck chicken lovers, I have lots of chickens, I love them every day I discove neu breads, I do make my on breads.


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