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How to Care for Chickens : How to Sell Pant Hens

I am Doctor T.K. Roy speaking on behalf of
Expert Village. The productive life of the bird is something about one year. Many start
laying about six months for another ten to twelve months they will go on giving eggs.
Beyond that after one year of laying or after eighteen months of age the egg production
gradually declines but the feed consumption level remains the same. So you are in curing
expenditure for giving feed at the same level that you used to be about six months ago but
you will be getting less number of eggs and there but losing more money. So it is advisable
that when the birds attain the age of about sixteen to eighteen months or when they complete
one year of egg production you kill the birds and sell it as spent hen in the open market
as meat. By that time you raise another batch of birds so that when they go to the market
when you sell those old layers as meat birds in the market new birds will start laying
so in that way the egg flow will be continued round year in your farm and thereby you will
have a steady income coming every month round year. Thank You.


  1. Ghalib Mangat Author

    it depends on so many things, is your country a market of brown shelled eggs or white?whats the temperature there?whats humidity level?than you can decide what breed to use,if white go for Leghorns , if brown go for Rhodes island cross (hybrids)


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