How to care for your CERAMIC COATING


  1. THE MB

    Thank you for making these videos I love cleaning cars and I was thinking about starting a detailing shop but I need more practice and I don’t have the money but thank you for the videos

  2. Tom M

    Nice series, Jason. I’m new to your channel, and I think it’s fantastic! Very informative, entertaining, and high production values. Please keep ‘em coming!

  3. Marcus Cassius

    I have the same problems with my clients because competitors lie to them and tell them its permanent and scratch free. You have to maintain your coating the same way you have to maintain your grass.

  4. Winston Smith

    Some touchless washes use soap that contains hydrofluoric acid:

    A review of hydrofluoric acid and its use in the car wash industry

  5. cintoman

    I detail cars as a side weekend business, and have done so for over 20 years. So I know the ins/outs of detailing. When it came time to protect my brand new dark blue Tesla Model 3, I ended up bringing it to another detailer for ceramic coating the car, since I'm not certified/trained by the manufacturer. He ended up doing a light paint correction since there were very very few scratches and swirl marks (even though I am very cautious washing my car, using a 3-bucket method, minor swirls are inevitable) using CeramicPro….5 layers on the paint, and also did the glass, wheels, and interior. What are your thoughts on CeramicPro?

  6. James Garfield

    Hi, my car has a ceramic coating and I recently had some bird droppings on the car which have left etchings. Please can you advise me on how to polish these out with taking the ceramic coating off please?

  7. **Mahina808**

    If I get what your saying, it means that having a coating in the long term is more expensive then just giving it a good wax more often? Am I hearing this right?

  8. SportTurismo_4S

    Jason, if I have both a full XPEL Ultimate PPF film on my car and ceramic coating, does it still apply? I have Arctic Coating on my car. They say to use the "re-applier??" after every 7-8 washes. Does going through an automated car wash with those brushes destroy that ceramic coating? It shouldn't be able to penetrate the PPF right?


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