HOW TO Ceramic Coat Your Car / Truck!! *NEVER WAX AGAIN*


  1. Gabriel Haro

    Ryan do you think a second coat would be beneficial. Or is Jax wax designed for 1 coat. I’ve been trying to find out but can’t seem to find anything. I know some ceramic coatings you apply multiple layers. What do you think?

  2. Bobby Glover

    hey brother I am a local detailer in blacklick ohio and I use all jax wax products. I just got my 9h today to do my 19 ram. did you coat any of your plastics or windows?

  3. Donald baker

    And you got the same results as I did. I used jax wax on my Harley, the 1st coat did very good. Since then though I've used the entire bottle on my bike, while using the ceramic recharge quick detailer to clean with and ceramic wax every time I ride. After my 3rd coat bugs road grim and brake dust barley sticks most of it can be blown off with air (some of it simply on the ride down the highway), and the rest comes off without hardly any work

  4. GoonDick

    Awesome video man. I love your channel. I love how detailed you are and how much you appreciate that truck. I’ve been on the fence with ceramic coating my truck till now. Did you do the badges too or just the paint and wheels?

  5. ass2mouthallday

    The thing I learned while watching your video was that you have a seriously gay Kardashian vocal fry habit. Don't be such a cunt and let your balls drop.

  6. KY KRaZY

    Ok….question answered. It must be nice to be able to spend the insane amount of money you did on truck & mods you did just to drive it and not actually use it. But hey,good for you.


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