1. rocky diesel

    Great video.. question is, if i hit the tires while applying it, will it make the tire shine or should i tape the tires and then apply?

  2. Michael Robertson

    Skip this entire product, and have a qualified shop prep and apply Cerakote clear. The look is better using a HVLP gun, and the durability is off the charts better than any Wipe on-Wipe off product on earth. You can also change the look if desired.


    You went six months with a chevy and no problems or issues? That's too hard to believe! Every newspaper is loaded with mostly Chevy's for sale and for damn good reason…..JUNK! Why they are cheap too!

  4. Luis Espinal

    what if your rim isn't new out the box? how do you prep it then? you should do a video from start to finish coating a wheel that'
    s not new.

  5. ZL1Speed43

    How is the brake dust factor with the 1LE . My ZL1 gets rust on the brake rotors after every wash and creates a mess when I take it out for a drive the first time . Stock brake pads were horrible and that part improved with Hawks ceramic brake pads .

  6. J Dixon

    My car is ceramic coated with Adams, wheels as well. I think I would have prepped the entire wheel first and then did the coating vs prepping and coating one side and then flipping them over and spraying prep that can get on the previous coating that's been done as shown. Not sure if that will have an ill affect or not.

  7. Gaming with Jay

    That's crazy your truck doesn't have a back up camera I have the same year dodge same trim same black on black everything an I have the 8speed an a backup camera


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