How to choose a CERAMIC COATING


  1. Jesse Kaiman

    Would the coating work on vinyl wrapped pieces of the vehicle as well? And if so how would you go about prepping those surfaces for the best outcome?

  2. Edward Dickey

    I have a new ford Ranger after rain that left dirt on body. I was really upset after all washing and polish that attracted dirt to stick on body. Can you offer Help Please? Thank you

  3. Dr Vivek Manoharan

    Thank you for the detailed and honest review!
    It would be helpful if you comment on C3 coating for cars and whether it's better than ceramic coating or not!

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Manish Batchu

    Hello sir
    I quick have a question if i have a ceramic pro coated on my car would i be able to see the salt on my car or its not gona show on the car

  5. Muhanad Rashid

    Good video brother

    I want to ask you

    I live in Oman in the Arab Gulf
    The weather here is very very hot most time of the year

    What is the best ceramic coating that will last for at least 5 years in our country

  6. Jay Zstr

    Jason, really like your videos, informative and to the point. One coating I've been looking at since I lease is QP ON 2.0. Please look into it, trial it. I'd be very interested in your assesment. Some refer to it as an entry level product, it's ceramic though I've also heard shops calling in between a sealant and a coating, that's how they price it anyways. It gives really nice gloss, amazing hydrophobic properties, I was at a car show and a detailer showed me a video where he got some on porous concrete, while applying to floor mats the concrete repelled water. QP ON is mixed with distilled water and applied, a little goes a long way. The whole vehicle can be coated with it, paint, engine bay, interior, floor mats. It's is impressive. Also has a whole lot of non automotive and household uses. I'd be interested in seeing you trial it. I ran into a detailer who put it on a long time loyal customer's car for free as he maintained it weekly and did the guys paint corrections as needed, he did to make things even easier for himself since he protected the exterior, and interior, the maintance was a breeze.

  7. Steve Carlson

    I've decided to encase my new pickup in a hermetically sealed brick structure without windows or doors. I know this will inhibit utility somewhat, but I just can't stand door dings!! I will definitely ceramic coat her as well.

  8. casey johnson

    I know this us off topic but do you know of any detail retailers that sell products in the Chicago land area or do you guys sell to the public ( towels,compounds, polishes,etc..)?


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