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How to Compost : Learn Organic Garden Composting Online : Choosing a Compost Bin

My name is Gale and I’m here to talk about
composting. This is my compost bin. I chose wood as the medium for my compost bin because
wood is a medium that will hold microbes and that will help maintain the microbe population
as I change my compost out each time. The good thing about wood…my husband built this,
by the way. I think it’s a wonderful design, I just love it. And the things that I love
about it are it has these holes in it so that air can go through those holes and aerate
the compost. It’s also up off the ground, so air can come up that way. And these slats
come off so you can get off to where compost is very easily. For your compost bin, you
want the size of it to be no smaller than three foot by three foot and no larger than
five foot by five foot. And we’ll talk about the size of it a little more later.


  1. LocalFrequencies Author

    this is very cool. I have a problem with critters…they dig underneath & get in that way —

    Does this have a wood bottom? And if so does that keep the skunks & raccoons out??

  2. Cakes Downey Author

    re ur size constraints, compost can be made in one gallon batches. also, it is newer technology to have a bin u can roll. like a garbage can. no turning plus easily it is taken to the area needed and no wheelbarrow/shovel work.

  3. elmoslanz Author

    i have tried a couple of compost bins. To be honest i have gotten the best results just making a pile and leaving it, turning it every couple of weeks. Two drawbacks in my opinion of bins is air circulation and creating a barrier for insects to enter. i had a black compost bin which from what i read was a popular model. The contents never got hot. This baffled me for a long time then i decided to just make a pile in a sunny area. after a good rain it gets piping hot.

  4. WindEnergy7 Author

    We started gardening last year and I am looking to start composting next.

    After installing a 4.2kW rooftop wind turbine system that's worth looking at if anyone is interested. I posted that to look at. So, next we are going to start composting and using that in the garden. I like the bin.

  5. powerspade Author

    If you want to make good compost Pee on the heap, Urine is a very good activator. It animal urine mixed with straw that make animal manure so good

  6. trezf1 Author

    This is a good design, for a bin. I had a stationary bin but it was too difficult for me to turn the heavy materials. I agree that large capacity is necessary for quick or hot composting. I love my compostumbler. It's bigger than the other bins and tumblers out there and it's really easy to turn – even for my Dad who's 69. He's made 6 batches of compost in his compostumbler since he bought one 6 months ago!

  7. KOFsMaCK Author

    She doesn't sound like the sharpest tool in the shed, but she looks like she grew some pretty big organic melons under that shirt.

  8. tradward Author

    i went and bought a 240 litre wheelie bin which i drilled large holes into. every time i mow the lawn the bin gets filled to the brim with fresh clippings. I add a handful of lime, a garbage bag full of shredded paper from the office and a bucket of wood ashes from the fire now it's winter. I let it cook for a week then i turn it with a spiral compost aerator and add cow manure tea and half a bucket of compost from an older pile then turn it again and about twice a week thereafter. FYI 🙂

  9. Mary Anne Brown Author

    Oh my gosh-I have been searching for months for the right compost bin, and just have not found anything I really like. I can already see by looking at your bins that this is exactly what I was looking for-looks like I have some building to do!!

  10. Vladimir Stavrev Author

    nice video , If anyone else wants to grow all your own amazing organic fruit fast it's worth considering – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it from my colleague – tasty!


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