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How to Construct Raised Garden Beds : Drip Irrigation Demonstration for Raised Garden Beds

We’ve installed our drip irrigation and we
have it running right now. We’ve turned water on to it. We’ve got two types of irrigation.
We’ve got button irrigation that supply irrigation to a specific area and then we have a laser
drilled soaker hose which supplies moisture to a large area. We can show right here that
this button dripper is putting it out. We are basically watering these two plants right
here with it. Next to it over here, we have another dripper that if I can get it to where
it is coming around there, is dripping. It is watering these two plants and so on. We
have these two plants here and then another one watering these two plants over here. These
are the precision button irrigation system that we just put in. Also we put in a soaker
hose type situation, a laser drill soaker hose and I am going to lift that hose up and
it you can see right here, and over here the hose is leaking all over. That is the reason
it is called the soaker hose. Because every 12 inches they are laser drilled little holes
that allow the water from the main system to come through and water your large areas.
You can lay this out in a long flower bed and water a whole stream of flowers and things
like that with just one line and that is one of the reasons we put it in this area where
the plants are so close together. Also these plants are going to produce for a while and
then we are going to pull them out. The strawberry plants with any luck, we may have them here
next year so we are probably going to need to maintain irrigation on them throughout
the year and possibly even until next Spring.


  1. herviews Author

    is'nt the green button dripper supposed to be at the end of rhe 1/4 inch hose? That would prevent the water from running back along the hose. Well, your method does save on one extra connector between the 1/2 inch and the 1/4 inch hose.

  2. SOLISDEUS Author

    Great way to water crops in an area with restrictive water use regulations. No waste. Also a good example of companion planting. Strawberries like Lettuce. Nice touch the video takes care highlight both aspects of agriculture engineering: watering and planting schemes.


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