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How to Create and Use a Crop Hopper the on Skycade Skyblock servers

Greetings this is Ginthian and I’m here to
show you how to create and use crop hoppers. That’s two words…crop hoppers…on the Egyptian or Galactic Skyblock. Make sure you have a normal hopper in your hand and then type the command /hopper convert. And this will show you a list of the kinds
of hoppers, or I should say, crop hoppers you can create. In this case, we are going to create one for sugarcane. To do that you type /hopper convert sugarcane. You will see the word converted appear in
chat. Each crop hopper works within a single chunk. If you press F3 and G you can see the barriers
or limits of the chunk you are within. It shows up as the multi colors lines you
see here. You would need one crop hopper working for
type each item being collected, in our case we are doing sugarcane. If I want to collect sugarcane in a different
chunk I would need another crop hopper in that chunk to do the collecting. Now I am going to place chest down here and
I will stack them three high. This is where the items will end up. I recommend putting the chest in place before
placing the crop hopper. Then you place the crop hopper on the ground. You will see a message in chat saying you
placed the type of crop hopper you are placing. In our example, it is the sugarcane crop hopper. Next, you want to shift left click or sneak
punch the hopper itself. Make sure you have no items in your hand when
you do so. You will see the message saying starting to
Link chest to a hopper. Shift-left-click the chest to link them. So then go to each chest hold down the shift
key and left click each of the chests. We are going to do all three chest. You can link many chest 10+ to a single hopper. Now if we throw sugarcane on the ground it
will be collected. along with any other sugarcane on the ground
within this chunk, will be collected. One final note. The chests don’t have to be within the same
chunk or at the same height as the crop hopper. It works for the individual sugar cane. I throw the rest on the ground, there it goes. The hopper has collected them. Now if we go to look at the chests we can
see it has all 64 sugarcane that I threw down. They can be up to one chunk in any direction. They also can be at any height within the
chunk. This means that if you were looking at chunks
as if they were blocks, the chunks would form a 3 by 3 set of blocks and the middle chunk
would hold the crop hopper. Thank you for watching and Goodbye.


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