1. Sonya J

    I have been looking for a crochet edging to add to a denim skirt I just made from a pair of jeans, and this one is just perfect!

    Also, I believe the type of needle you're describing that is needed for the initial blanket stitch foundation row is a chenille needle – it's a type of embroidery needle that has a large eye and a sharp point (unlike the usual tapestry needles we use in knitting & crochet).

  2. Egypt Ra

    This is the nicest work I’ve witnessed thus far, and you chose beautiful contrasting yet complementary colors to teach us with.
    How would you suggest I learn to crochet and learn the terms such as chain 2 etc. etc. etc…..

  3. Sue Gurney

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I used this on fleece and it looked loose, so after I finished crocheting the number of rows that I wanted, I went back and reinforced the blanket stitch with clear silicone thread. It really made it more secure.

  4. Aquahoma

    That was the best instructional video I have got to see as of today. So easy and So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Truly is a gift. I can't wait to get started.

  5. Marilyn McLeod

    Love this and easy to follow instructions! I want to crochet on he bottom of a straight bottomed "sweatshirt" I bought.. that is darling but too short… so thinking of doing a longer crocheted bottom, about 2 inches or maybe even 3. Will use that main pattern and then do the petals at the very end. Thank you so much!

  6. K Z

    Yay just what I needed thank you! Instructions very easy and clear to follow. Love that ur okay with "fudging" it on bigger projects lol. I am SO that person! 😁

  7. Marge Hoyt

    Why did you cut your yarn when beginning the blanket stitch? Couldn't you just leave it attached so that when you start your single crochets you would not have to work in a knot?

  8. RosenrotRtLiebchen87

    how would i make this on all 4 sides of a square of fabric? my mom had an idea to crochet a border of lace for a plain handkerchief for my sister for her wedding

  9. Carole St. louis

    Thanks for the start. I usually use a fine crochet to perforate the fabric and start my design. Great tip to use a needle instead! Thank you.


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