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How To Crop Videos for Picture-In-Picture Slideshows

In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to
crop video clips in SmartSHOW 3D. Add your video to the Storyboard and open
the slide editor. Click on the video clip and switch to the
Layer tab. Push the Crop button to cut away undesired
parts of the video. Choose a suitable aspect ratio preset or use
a free crop. Drag the crop handles until unwanted parts
are left outside the rectangle. Preview your video clip to make sure you haven’t
cropped out anything important. If everything is OK, click Apply and stretch
the video layer to conceal the black background. Cropping is an essential function when you
make video collages or picture-in-picture videos. While in the slide editor, click Add Layer
>Video and insert a second video clip to the slide. Crop the new video like the previous one and
place it where you need. You can add a mask, outline or reflection
to better fit the additional video into your collage. Let’s see the resulting video collage in action!

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