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How To Crop Your Discord Avatar

CROP AVATAR Open up your web brower. Go to this link in the video descirption. Click the open file. Choose the file you want to crop. Click the open button. As you can see it tell you how to use it. You can click the X button when you done read it. Drag the circle to where you want it to be. Click the Render/Save button. Click the Circle button and than save. Save the image to where you want to be. Than click the save button. If this popup click yes. As you can see the file is now download. Than open up Discord. Click on user settings. Click the edit button. Click on the change avatar button. Choose the avatar you want to use. Than click the open button. Click the save button. As you can see it work. QZYCAV THANKS FOR WATCHING! WATCH THIS PLAYLIST! SUBSCRIBE!

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