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How To Cure Potatoes For Winter Storage

How To Cure Potatoes For Winter Storage cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews as we’re getting into harvest in
the garden there are a few special things to keep in mind about potatoes
you will have more success storing your potatoes through the fall and into the
winter if you make sure they’re cured and the skins are hardened before they
go into storage there are two ways to cure your potatoes first you can cut the
vine to let wait till the vines die back in the fall and then leave them in the
ground for a few weeks another option is to dig your potatoes and then lay them
out to dry and cure in some cardboard boxes or in paper bags potatoes are
about 80% water and so storing them in a high humidity environment will make them
last longer and keep in mind they are still alive so it’s important that they
can breathe don’t store them in a sealed plastic bag instead store them in a
cardboard box or paper bag in a dark pool area it’s also very important to
keep the potato tubers away from the sunlight or they will start to turn
green or grow sprouts potatoes are best stored between about 40 and 50 degrees
Fahrenheit anything much colder than that will start the process of
converting the starches into sugars and anything much warmer than that will
encourage them to start growing sprouts and soften well you can certainly eat
your potatoes right out of the garden without curing a period of curing we’ll
make sure they have a longer shelf life and store better going into them from
the University of Wyoming extension I’m Kaitlin Young Quist and you’re watching
from the ground up you cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews

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