How to Cut Fabric Yardage: Right & Left Hand Tips


  1. Roseline Dugas

    I really like this tutorial on cutting as a left or right handed quilter. Thank you very much this will be very useful. Roseline, Québec

  2. joy s C

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you, I think I had gotten a bit sloppy in my cutting, BUT I have been doing much better lately, went back to doing what I was taught! LOVE YOUR FABRIC CHOICE! Do you do web orders, minimum cut?

  3. Denise Georgiades

    Thank you Vanessa! I have never quilted, but am plucking up the courage to start with my first project. I thoroughly enjoy your inspiring videos, and have watched them all – quilting and others. Off to a well-informed start to my quilting phase. Thank you once again!

  4. Mª Carmen García Agramunt

    Hola Vanessa!!. Me encantan tus videos. Pero me gustaría que hicieras más en español. Yo sé un poco inglés paro me cuesta mucho seguirte ya que hablas muy deprisa. Thanks y un beso.

  5. Carol Delgado

    This video is really helpful. I just finished your raglan T-shirt class and learned several new techniques. I just signed up for the quilt club and this will be my first experience with quilting. I have both of these rulers but had no idea that they are used together for cutting. Your great tutorials are why I signed up for the club. Excited to get started! I

  6. Beverly Bland

    Wow – that is such a fabulous idea.  I could have used this recently because I made my first quilt and it was not as exact as I thought it would be.  I have joined your Quilt Club because I need more "training" exposure to work on more quilts.  You are a great teacher.  Thank you.

  7. Terry Sheldon

    Hi Vanessa, since you only need 4 of the 3-1/2” x 5” rectangles, why wouldn’t you cut a 3-1/2” strip? Seems like you’re wasting fabric!

  8. Darlene Frederick

    Great tutorial as usual! After cutting to straighten the edges, rather than flip the fabric over (sometimes it flips unevenly), look at what you trimmed off. If it's two layers, you're good!

    Another tip relates to you mentioning wasting fabric by trimming too much when squaring it up. In your example, you needed 4 pieces measuring 5" x 5" and 4 pieces measuring 3 1/2" x 5". Typically, you can get 8 cuts of 5" out of a width of fabric cut. So why not cut out the 5" x 5" pieces first (they are the largest) then cut the 3 1/2" x 5" pieces from the remainder. I noticed you cut two 5" strips. If the pattern only needs one cut, you'll save yourself that other strip 🙂

  9. Gretchen Riggs

    Yes, this is very helpful. I am left handed. I would like to see how you handle larger pieces like 10 yards. I need to straighten the edges and cut  2 1/2 yards off. It has been washed and is wrinkled . I find this much yardage overwhelming to work with. I am a newbie.

  10. Rosemary Rowan

    Very helpful! Excited about the quilt club and loving these video tips. This old dog is learning some great new tricks!!! Lol


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