How to design your own fabric. Step-by-step fabric design tutorial with final fabric example.


  1. Ashley Salmon

    this is a great video. thank you. I just need to get illustrator as i remember working with it and enjoying doing so. I mostly use firealpaca for drawing if not ms paint since illustrator is pretty expensive. I wanna have custom fabric as I like to design custom witch hats and some of my hats will have patterns on the fabric, especially like planets or flowers and stars. so this is a great tutorial and would be a boost for my business

  2. Marianette Kauahikaua

    Mahalo mahalo mahalo. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your tutorial gave me tremendous confidence for my clothing venture. I didn't know where to start or who to ask. I am touring Vietnam soon and hope to create a couple of samples and explore manufacturing costs. But designing and printing the fabric was a total blockage for me. Thanks again.

  3. Dominic Cruz

    The video helped explain the basic application to creating a fabric design using a computer and Illustrator, the only problem is that I am not all that versed in Illustrator. Is there a way to explain how to use the Illustrator program?

  4. Feku Baba

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  5. The PuRRR

    I LOVE how the fabric and pattern turned out. Thanks for this video. I agree with others…do you have a video of your sketch-to-digital vector video? Thanks!

  6. Nadya Vanya

    You have no idea how useful this video is for me! Thank you so much. Will you make a video that explains how to make watercolor patterns in adobe illustrator?


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