How To Easily Remove Oil From Fabrics/Clothing


  1. electronicsNmore

    **ATTENTION: Brushing too hard on colored fabrics, or using a brush that's not soft, can create a faded spot on the colored fabric. Blotting more instead of brushing, can help prevent that. Mineral spirits & liquid dish washing detergent will not damage colored fabrics(based on my tests). You can also use "Non-Chlorinated" Brake Parts Cleaner to remove oil from clothing!

  2. Phaedrus 1234

    I did this with a pair of light tan denim shorts that were stained by the greasy-oil from my tractors. It works, however, I then had to put them through four wash cycles with some regular detergent in order to get the horrible smell from the mineral spirits out.

  3. Veerendra Singh

    Thank You brother. I was tensed after I saw Motor oil spot on jeans yesterday. I hope this would help me remove them all. I will check and update you. Thanks for your help.

  4. Dee Powers

    I just noticed two black smears on the inner, right leg of my light grey, flannel winter slacks.  The legs are cuffed at the bottom and the leg not bulky, because the pants were made to be worn inside knee high boots if desired.  The marks appear to be sitting on top of the fabric without being absorbed or penetrating the fabric very much, if at all.  Your method shows how to run the cleaners and hot water through the fabric, because the stains were wetter and actually absorbed into the fabric itself.  What should I do differently, so I can clean off the smears without forcing the grease into the fabric.  These are my only cold weather pants, and if possible, I need to wash them in my load tonight, so I can wear tomorrow. Please Help!  It's very cold lately and snowing tonight.This video was the best I have ever seen on car grease stains, and I plan to try it on some colored shirts that have several spots that look like cooking or food oil on them that no stain remover,  or even Fantastic would get out.  Not hopeful,  because they have been washed and dried several times.  I don't even really know what these "colorless" stains are, but think it's worth a shot.  Thanks for a great video.  Dee

  5. سليمان ميزوار

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  6. James Edward M. Uy

    please make a tutorial how to remove motorcycle grease and oil on white polyester clothes. Need it now my dad will be angry if he saw it….

  7. Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface

    Just spray carb cleaner or brake cleaner on the spot and let it drip through until all dissolved and dripped away. It's basically like a drycleaning solution.

  8. freddie budd

    The best stain remover for oil I have used is eucalyptus oil the stain disappears before your eyes then all you have to do is use neat washing up liquid then wash as normal

  9. Victoria Watkinson

    I'm curious as to how long to scrub if you cannot see the stain once it's wet? I got some oil of some sort on a new sweater, and I'm not sure I'll be able to see it once I have mineral spirits on it, because when it gets wet I cannot see it at all. What do you recommend?

    also, I'm curious as to whether you have tried this with body oil stains, like on sheets and such?


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