1. Petersilie Krause

    Okay, nice job, Susan 👍🏻 Now you need some little doors to attach to you shelf, otherwise those neatly folded fabrics will get all dusty 😉

  2. Dom's Abode

    I have a full cabinet of fabric and a growing collection.. and IDK why. I need a "neurotic" friend like Susan!!!!! LMFAO…. Love this tutorial!!! Thanks!

  3. Sharon Martin

    I fold my fabric with love and care but this is just too anal even for me. Close enough is good enough. How come the fabric isn't sorted by color? Mine is. 😃Tsk Tsk..

  4. Tomib

    Folding can be therapeutic. Reminds you of all the pretty fabric you have. I, too, like to have the neat side of the fabric to the side that shows. Good job! Let’s say “tidy” not neurotic. But…… whatever you call it that’s me!😂

  5. Christine McConnell

    This video was massively helpful and you two are fun to watch together! I reorganized all my fabric doing the method shown here and LOVE it! Thank you both so much!

  6. Elsie Blakley

    I like how you figured how to sort. Wish I had a fried to help me! You don't live in Florida do you? Ha! I have a huge studio but you wouldn't know it. I am always trying to organize and then get nothing done. Gave me great ideas. I usually buy three to five yards of everything. I love crafts. I taught ceramics, porcelain dolls, knitting machines and now do a lot of sewing. I used to make heirloom outfits and gowns for the dolls so I got into the habit of buying by the bulk. When you find what you really need, you have to make sure not to run out. Not the same as quilt making. Sorry, I really like what I do. Thanks for listing. Elsie

  7. RV Hobo

    So have about if I just get my OCD friend to come over and she looks at my stash and just has to refold and refold it till it is right? lol


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