1. Scoobygirlhjc

    Hey just an fyi, but I glaze the bottoms of all my ceramics with 1-2 coats depending on the type of glaze. I use three pronged stilts in the kiln, and they don't stick to the shelf during kilning. Also, glazed bottoms look a million times better than non-glazed bottoms. 🙂

  2. Van

    Always pour the glaze into a separate container to avoid contamination. Dirt, sediment, clay, dust and dirty brushes will slowly make the bottle of glaze a mixture of nasty towards the end. Picking out chunks of stuff from your piece is no fun. This applies to any paint process.

  3. Janet Surrusco

    I have a request. My sister bought a horse head that she would like to glaze and have fired but she doesn't know what supplies she will need. Can you suggest what to purchase as I may give her these for her birthday. This is a one-time project so I don't want to buy large jars if smaller are available. Thank you.


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