1. The Gods Right-Hand Man

    I disagree.

    UHU Power is what I use. Fixed a large bowl last month, broken into 7 pieces, made it water-tight.Thinner joins than you have so I ended up with the pieces being less than a millimetre out of alignment overall.

  2. Robert Boyd

    throw it out, the crack will open again eventually. There is no such thing as a permanent glue repair for ceramics using off the shelf products.

  3. James Andonian

    Broke my sink, dropped a large glass bottle in it and it chipped the sink and also left long hairline fractures from one size of the sink to the other. It does leak and I just filled the chipped area with some clear epoxy and used my finger to wipe some along the crack. Will sand everything flush once it cures. Is this repairable? Ty

  4. Bruno Miranda

    +Charlie DIYte Thanks for warning that this is not a good method for ceramics that will be used for food!
    I've broken my coffee mug, any suggestion for a glue that can be used on this, safe for drinking tea and coffee again from this mug after repair? Thanks! 🙂

  5. G-Master Sub-Zero

    I'm going to give this a try. I broke my favorite coffee mug by forgetting it in…. the freezer. Thankfully it didn't break up to much. Just two fragments from the bottom and a crack up the side.

    I'm looking forward on trying your method.

  6. Rajwant Kaur

    Can i usethis glue to join the plaster handcasts to the wooden shadow box??n how much time ths glue takes to dry?do i need to put pressure??


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