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How To Grow Garlic At Home – Tips And Tricks From Planting To Curing

How To Grow Garlic At Home – Tips And Tricks From Planting To Curing cool right click the link in the
description for pricing ratings and reviews hey guys it’s Ross and in
today’s video we’re gonna show you guys the garlic Arvest we’re gonna talk about
what went right and what went wrong about two weeks ago we actually
harvested some garlic it’s been curing inside we’re so we’re gonna talk about
the curing process what the next step is after we got the garlic to actually this
stage right here we also did a video by the way on the garlic scapes so for
those of you guys who grow hardneck garlic scan get scapes they’re really
tasty in the kitchen we did a nice video on that a couple weeks ago before we get
into all this harvest and curing stuff here and how that really came to be I
want to show you how the garlic really gets started because it’s really simple
and I think a lot of you guys would be interested to know essentially to get a
bulb of garlic you start out with a single clove and what right here in my
hand here is I harvest it off of one of my bulbs a single clove and this is
pretty standard here the larger the clove the larger the bulb is gonna be
you want to make sure you’re planting this at the right time here in my
climate we’re gonna go over this as well but we had done a staggered planting
back in here against the house determining when is actually the best
time to plant garlic here in my climate you can obviously read this from the
books read this online I think that’s probably a good estimation but you’re
not always going to find out the best date for your client for me here because
I’m colder we have to plant our garlic in the fall to then be harvested the
following year in the spring if you guys live in a more mild place you’re
probably gonna be able to do this in the spring or even throughout the winter
time you can do this you know in California or Arizona you can start your
garlic in the in the winter time and then harvest that that stuff when the
springtime comes around you’re really flexible and more flexible with that but
here in the north and the Northeast you got to grow this stuff and plant it in
the fall and that’s kind of what we do here is we get ourselves a clove we make
sure that it’s planted the right side up you
can see the bottom here this is where the roots are gonna form and then the
top this is where the leaves come out of we just stick this in the ground push
that in and that’s about it you kind of want to cover the top but you don’t want
to cover too much of the top leave that a little bit exposed and that’s gonna
grow into some garlic it’s gonna honestly grow if you do this here in the
fall the temperatures are gonna be warm enough believe it or not to get that
thing started just enough to get it through the winter time you don’t want
to get it started off too fast because then the cold can come in here and kill
the garlic but you also don’t want to have it just sitting there because the
bulb itself or the clove itself I’m sorry can rot in the ground from too
much water so you want to have something that’s somewhere in the middle and
that’s kind of where what you’re looking for with your planting date is trying to
figure out what that nice happy medium is and then now that it’s June today is
june 9th we have harvested our garlic so planting this sometime around for my
climate sometime in early october even mid october i think is going to be the
best time of the year to do this here in the philadelphia area and then by June
9th because this stuff is actually based a lot off of the sunlight the amount of
sunlight hours there kind of day neutral in that way and they’re going to then
trigger themselves into kind of dying off and this is exactly just what
happens they put out their seed heads they start getting these yellowing
leaves here and that’s when it’s time to really think about harvesting
additionally and I think which is what is more better and more accurate advice
if you look at the garlic plant count the number of leaves on it you want to
have at least 6 green leaves if you don’t have 6 green leaves I think you’re
going to pretty much run into some issues with storage now we’re gonna talk
about curing here in a minute and storage as well but essentially if each
leaf here represents a paper husk that goes around the garlic and
could take off this leaf if I quit you guys down here for a minute
I can show it to you so if I take off this lower leaf here this is then
peeling off a layer off of the garlic and each leaf again like I said
represents one layer so the more layers that we have roughly about six is really
what we want you can get away with four but this is gonna eventually inevitably
get us and net us garlic that’s going to be able to store well throughout the
winter time because we’re not just growing this for to eat now we’re
growing this throughout to eat throughout the entire winter and then
that way I can also have garlic to plant this fall so it’s really important when
you’re doing this you just have to make sure that when you harvest one leading
indicator and this is what Ronel England mentions in his book how to grow great
garlic is that you count the number of healthy leaves if you leave the garlic
by the way let’s say we left this in the ground and all these leaves started to
start to die back we’re running the risk of also getting rot because it’s quite
wet here it’s quite humid here we’re getting lots of rain I’ve had a couple
of these bowl was actually rotten I I tossed them already so I don’t even have
them to show you but it’s very likely it’s very possible and that’s not edible
anymore not only is it not edible but you can’t store it so you know we got to
make sure there’s a nice happy medium I can’t be the one to tell you you got to
kind of eye this out for yourself figure it out for yourself when is it time
exactly to harvest and this is only gonna really come to you with enough
experience growing this you know in addition to also when to plant when to
harvest and when to plant I think are really the trickiest things other than
that this is really as simple as sticking a clove in the soil it turns
into a bulb of garlic you harvest and you’re pretty much done you know I think
it’s really simple in terms of different food crops you can grow here like I
would say a potatoes similar right you put a potato in the
ground it sends up these eyes from the sends up the shoots from the eyes and
then you come in here about 90 to 120 days later and you’ve got yourself
potatoes and here’s a really good example here if I dig around you can see
the original potato right there but if I dig around a little bit further
excuse my hand there you can then see the first potato starting to form so you
know it’s really that simple is that you you pretty much put a clove in the
ground and you put a potato in the ground and then you come in here at the
right time and harvest these things and that’s really it I mean with garlic
though and I’d recommend that you get yourself a nice well draining soil with
a lot of organic material and also give it give it a nice shot of organic
fertilizer of twice when you plant it and also when the spring starts it’s
really important to get ourselves large bulbs and why is that so important well
you can see over here these are some really small bulbs these really didn’t
do all that well I mean not that they didn’t do well they just didn’t have the
energy to form a large bulb think about it right
here I have a variety called Chinese pink and these are the largest of the
bulbs that I’ve harvested I actually have some Chinese pink inside that did a
lot better than these and we’re gonna get into this whole situation right here
hopefully I can get an idea of why this has happened but these are certainly the
larger bulbs and why are they the largest bulbs what one we planted them
at a different time we planted them at the right time sometime around mid
October I think that’s really the best planting date here
additionally the clove that we started out with was large was the biggest
biggest of the cloves so the biggest clove is going to produce the biggest
bulb and that’s what we need to do when we come in here next year or in this
fall actually is that we need to save once these are done curing we need to
save the largest bulbs for the next planting otherwise we’re gonna end up
with something like this and you’re just not going to be happy and eventually
your garlic’s gonna get smaller and smaller if I were to plan
you know a a clove from this as an example it probably would be even
smaller next year so yeah I think there’s a lot of factors that goes into
this but certainly getting yourselves larger cloves is gonna net you larger
bulbs now what else can I talk about here let’s talk about the curing process
so we showed you guys how to remove these lower leaves and what I’ve been
basically doing is that I would come in here to get these things nice and clean
and spotless and ready to be cured is that we’ve essentially peeled off the
lower leaves just like we did down here with this other piece of garlic when I
put you guys down is that you just come in here and peel off this lower leaf
that gets you a whole layer off you don’t have to wash it or anything and
then that way it’s clean it’s ready to go and it looks nice and you can you can
be ready to store it now what I’m doing here is I’m actually putting them on the
patio in the sunlight ideally you probably don’t want them in the Sun for
too long but you can have them outside in a drier day definitely no rain just
let them be on a beat outside in a dry day let them sit out here and kind of
dry up a little bit once they’ve done that for about a day or two you can then
bag them up and that’s what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put them in clusters like
this and we’re gonna bunch them up put them into order and gans a bag what’s in
our ganzen bag in organza bag let me show you guys over here should have this
with me organza bag is a mesh bag that has lots of airflow lots of holes in it
it’s gonna essentially keep all the garlic together it’s a different way of
doing this you can see them right here I use them for my strawberries I wrap my
my peaches with them actually I wrap my figs with them at some point here just
to protect them from the birds also to kind of help disguise them but these are
really nice for storing the garlic because their have great airflow right
there’s a lot of holes in this it’s a fine mesh and what we can do is contain
them in that and instead of braiding them that’s what some people do is they
braid their garlic and then they hang up their garlic you know it
in a pretty much a room-temperature place that also is dry if you’re storing
this garlic by the way you’re curing this garlic in a humid hot place it’s
gonna be really bad it’s gonna start to rot
you may even increase your risk of botulism so that’s not good you really
want to just make sure that you’re storing this pretty much in the house I
think is a really good place for a lot of us not in the basement probably
because it may be more humid down there check the immunity it should be
somewhere around 20 to 40 percent in a room temperature environment and this is
gonna do well I put on the ceiling fan in my room and this is where this stuff
goes is that they go in the organza bags I hang them up and they sit there for
about three weeks to a month and they’re pretty much done curing at that point
then what I’ll do is I’ll come in here and we look into a video on that as well
is we’re gonna clip off all the roots we’re gonna cut the stems and they’re
gonna look like bulbs of garlic that you’d buy at the store so it’s really
this simple and we can always redo this every single year that’s the beauty of
it is that I can save the largest bulb here and just plant a clove from that
and have plants have garlic every single either I don’t have to go to the store
and buy this stuff it’s really simple to grow it’s really simple the harvest it’s
really simple to cure you know it’s a no-brainer wants to really get a handle
on this so you really get doing this so that’s my advice and let’s talk about I
guess this season we had so far the season really was not too great for the
garlic in terms of we just had a lot of water like I was saying we were getting
a lot of rot once I started to see some rot on the tops of the tops of the bulbs
you can definitely see it on the maybe the stem you know the stem starting to
kind of get a different color to it really quite brown that’s when you know
you’re gonna get some rot it’s really not good like I said in terms of storing
them because we are gonna be storing these guys in the fridge believe it or
not somewhere between 34 degrees somewhere around that temperature
actually they store at that temperature for the longest time so if they are
rotted it’s just not it’s not gonna work out now what else happened here well we
planted a new variety this year called music music is a really good standard
for climates in the north and northern latitudes this actually I think came out
pretty good this is about the size that I received from the nurseries so to then
have a bulb that not only is it the same size but it’s also the first year that
you planted it it didn’t actually add thats it didn’t acclimate itself to the
environment I think it’s pretty good so this is I would call some of these a
success obviously some of these look larger than smaller than others but I
like the music I think the music did well we have also some from New York
garlic guy and I forget exactly which ones of these are that one but the one
we got from him did also did pretty well but Chinese pink which was a soft neck
garlic this one did not do well and I’ve been pretty upset about it because you
can see they’re the largest bulbs but they have this like splitting in here
the it maybe they needed a bit more time maybe that’s something to do with how
late I planted them some of them didn’t get in the ground until the 15th of
October some of them didn’t get in till November first which believe it or not I
think is just too late and the garlic didn’t have time to rise up out of the
ground and settle itself in and really didn’t sprout until around March you
know very early in the spring and I think that’s a big factor in why this
has happened here this is not what you want to see because this is not going to
store well this is just not gonna do it there’s not enough layers on this and
not enough you know amount of those papery husks on it to keep this stuff
from drying out or even just completely just not doing well in storage and you
can see they’re all sort of like this so this is not what I wanted to see but
here actually is one right here that may it and did pretty well I have a couple
of these like this we’re gonna plant this variety again assuming it’s not the
variety but again the Chinese pink I think was just very disappointing I
think here’s another one right here which does have the same problem yeah so
they are the largest bulbs but again they’re just not they’re not gonna store
well so we’ll see what happens with this I have to do some more research on that
that issue for those of you guys who know the answer to that let me know down
in the comments but this was a pretty easy year really I think every year of
with garlic is gonna be pretty simple it’s really just as simple as planting
it in the ground and harvesting at the right time and then curing this
correctly and you’re pretty much good to go so anyway guys I want to thank
everyone for watching this video if you enjoyed this you want to see more on
garlic maybe we’ll talk about storing them maybe we’ll talk about you know the
overall harvest when everything’s said and done or we can talk about at some
point when the curing process is finished what had happened how
everything went etc but yet I want to thank you guys for
watching this one check us out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter if you
guys are interested for more different content over there as well as check out
the blog write the blog has different content more longer form Ross Rati dot
wick slash blog all that is in the description of this video and yeah I
got a lot of work to do guys so I’ll catch you for tomorrow’s video take care
everyone cool right click the link in the
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