How to Hem Knit Fabric Without a Serger | Sewing Tutorial with Linda Lee


  1. patrIcia malone

    I see you are using a walking foot. Do you generally use it for most fabrics? I have used one and find it works pretty well.

  2. LancashireLass NowUpNorth

    I am new to sewing, made a garment but then did not know how to sort the hems. I so appreciate your help here, thank you so much.

  3. Jean Kuxmann

    Thank you so much for your help on to hem knits. You are a very good teacher. You seem very patient and a teacher.

  4. TheCynedd

    I, too am a serger educator. I waited until 10:20 into your video to officially give it a "LIKE"! I liked all of your techniques but I was waiting for you to mention the dedicated Coverstitch Machine. If one works with knits often a Coverstitch machine is a definite must-have. I had sergers which could be converted from serger to Coverstitch but it was such a hassle. Buy the Coverstitch only machine! Sometimes it is less expensive for a person to purchase a Coverstitch only machine and a serger than to purchase one machine than can be converted from one to the other.

  5. Wendy Maxwell

    I was rather disappointed with this video. It showed three different types of glue to use without providing a definitive answer as to which is best for the sewer who may only need to hem a variety of knits but only occasionally. I also noticed that a walking foot was used but not specified, only mentioned in passing. When the effect of the initial tape was shown in comparison to the sprayed on & the sewn on tape, it appeared that they had both been ironed after hemming onto the knit, yet the first one wasn't. It would have been fairer comparison if it had also been ironed after hemming. I also wondered if the glues or tapes were stable enough not to need a further machined hem as it wasn't made clear in the video. I have also noticed that many glues & tapes tend to deteriorate if not used in fairly soon after purchase, so to have to purchase 3 different types of glues just to work out which was best seemed a little over the top to me, unless one uses such tapes regularly. However I liked the part where a light card was used to set an initial hem on the knit using the iron, but I wondered if it would be better to sew a fine lace onto the edge of the hem, then either hand sew it, or try using a hem stitch, or the single row of stitches. I intend to try each sewing method minus the glues & see what provides the least conspicuous but neatest hem. I doubt that it would take much longer to hand stitch, or even fine stitch using a hemming foot than it would to mess around with sewing on glue tape, then still sewing another hem on the edge of that.

  6. D She

    I see that you are using a walking foot. That makes it much easier than an ordinary foot, but I don't think you mentioned it at the start? Nice tips. thank you.

  7. doris deplorable

    That's great information. I wish you could have addressed a round hem. Not for me, but I know someone who had a terrible time hemming a cape. I know you can't address every problem. Thanks.

  8. Kit Hansen

    Useful information on both product and considerations such as fabric bulk – all presented at digestible pace. I appreciate that the thread contrasted with the fabric making it easier to see.

  9. live EZ

    I have the adhesive spray and let me tell ya that stuff is so difficult to get off things and sprays everywhere. I like it because it holds up very good and seals like fabric, shoe soles so fast even arts and craft. Another prblem I had was after I bought the product and used it a few times the glue dried on it and now I have to throw a new can in the garbage.

  10. Joanne B.

    Wow this was absolutely great to listen too. You are so interesting and so knowledgeable. And you are a very beautiful lady . Thank you so much for your efforts in helping us sort out how to go about hemming knit fabric. Have a nice day

  11. FunkySock83

    How to hem without a serger. First 30 seconds, "if you want it to lay flat, you're going to want to serge it". I DON'T HAVE A SERGER, THAT'S WHY I'M WATCHING THIS

  12. Dawna+3

    Do you have to sew with every method or just with the third hem tape? I don't own a sewing machine and my sewing skills are mild. I would like to hem my pants if I can just use the tape stuff only and not sew.


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