How to Hem Lightweight or Sheer Fabric

you're using your really lightweight or sheer fabric the last thing you want to do is add a big bulky hem so you still need a secure hem though because a lot of sheer and lightweight fabrics tend to Ravel quite a bit so a good solution is to make a narrow hem and you can see how nice and inconspicuous that ends up but it does look tricky because it's so close to the edge so I'll give you a few tips here on how to do it quickly and easily it just adds a little bit of extra time to the project so the first step of doing this kind of hem is to stitch really close to the edge so about an eighth of an inch away or quarter inch away from the edge of the fabric so the next thing to do is that we're going to press right along the edge that we just stitched so use the stitching line to turn it up we're going to fold it right along that stitched edge so now we have a little crease to stitch along and we're going to stitch as close as possible to the fold so that might be kind of directly on top of the stitching line we just did so stitch right over as close as you can to the edge of the fabric maybe like a sixteenth of an inch so now we've got two stitching lines but we still have a little bulk left over from our first step so my favorite tip is to use these duck bells duckbill scissors which a lot of the time you use them for applique because they protect the lower layer of the fabric but they work great for this too because they protect that under layer as you trim away that extra bulk so you're not in danger of slipping the tip of your scissors and ruining the bottom of your project because that duck bill guides it along without being sharp and poking through so trim as closely as you can to the stitching and then the last step is really simple you're just going to fold it one more time and you can press it the step to fold it and make a tiny tiny fold so about an eighth of an inch wide if that and then you're going to stitch directly on top of your other stitching line so on my other side here that's finished you can see i stitched just right on top of that previous stitching line and it looks really nice and inconspicuous from the front if you're sewing with a lightweight or sheer fabric the last thing you want to do is add a big bulky hem


  1. Debbie Debeaux

    This was a game changer! Thank you! What type of sewing machine are you using? I make crib sheets and the extra room on the inside right would help!

  2. Yenice swift

    LOVELY!! I love the cute patterns. But I have bought one from Amazon and I have no time to do. It's nice and elegant. You can have a look.

  3. Barbara handmadegiftsarebest

    Thank you. I don't like the rolled hem foot either. It can be so very difficult. this is a much better method easier and nicer look.

  4. KaelaLee Daley

    After 4 hours messing around pinning, stitching with a rolled hem foot (which was a disaster!) and practically unravelling the entire hem section of the garment – I now have a new hope! Thank you for this great advice!

  5. Mary Mastin

    any great ideas on how to sew a square corner…say on a sheer fabric cover up jacket for Spring wardrobe…there would be some bulk involved at that "point" where the two hems meet ( thank you at National Sewing Circle )


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