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HOW TO IMPROVE my MINECRAFT BEDROCK CREEPER FARM for Update 1.13 // Easy Minecraft Bedrock Mob Farm

hello and welcome welcome and hello
everyone Kunipshun Fit here and thank you all for joining me for another quick
clip build tip for the bedrock edition of minecraft right here next to me are
the chests from my creeper forum that is all the way up there and I have made
some improvements to the oops I broke that let’s pick okay that’s better
I made some improvements to this farm that I think you guys are gonna be very
interested in we’re also gonna cover some of the problems that everyone was
having with the farm and we’re going to yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna get some of
those pigs so let’s check this out IAF Kade last night for nine hours real afk
in this world with it set on hard I was a fk’d up there on that blue glass
there’s a reason that red glass is there and I’m gonna cover that in just a
little bit but I was on that blue glass up there and I’ll say why I did that in
a minute as well but let’s check it out and see what we have in this chest there
we go look at that oops a broken button that
doesn’t belong but the rest of this belongs in here and as you can see there
is quite a bit more gunpowder in this selection of drops then there were the
first time in my other creeper farm and if you’ll notice there’s no string
that’s right your boy has stopped spider spawns 100 percent in this farm and I’m
gonna tell you how in just a minute alright so one of the main issues that I
saw down in the comments of the last video was people who were woops yellow
peak they’re people who were getting fish to spawn in their farm because they
built their farm over an ocean now building over an ocean is not a problem
the first thing that you want to make sure you do is put glass blocks up here
on the roof this needs to be done anyway but you can get around it if you don’t
build over an ocean however the problem is the wandering traders will still
spawn up here if you use bottom slabs and they’ll spawn if you use torches so
what happens over the ocean is fish have a spawning perimeter just like all the
other mobs and I’ll throw it up on the screen right now that
limiter is from 12 blocks away from the player all the way out to 32 blocks so
what happens is I told you guys to to afk 24 blocks away which is just like
this this blue glass here represents 24 blocks away but if you move back just a
little bit 234 blocks away like right over there you’re still gonna load most
of the farm but you’re not gonna get any fish because that far away fish won’t
spawn in the water because you’re outside of their spawn range excellent
another thing that you guys might notice is that right here I have removed the
afk room from here and I told you that I was afk up there on those blocks now afk
down here loads this farm just like it should but for some reason in all my
testing afk horizontally to the side over there produced better results I
don’t know why it doesn’t make sense knowing and understanding the mob
spawning you know algorithm like I do it shows that mob spawns are thicker above
the player inside the sphere than they are out to the side of the player but
for some reason in this farm it it works better if you afk off to the side so
what I would do in your worlds on your farms is I would tear this down tear
down the stairs that go all the way up or the ladder and stuff that goes all
the way up and use that to bridge your way out or you could even do it over
here where you came from this side and you could bridge straight up and build
your afk platform horizontally off to the side and you’ll get better rates
whoo so another problem people were having with the farm was mobs were
starting to get stuck down here in the bottom so I came up with this this is
very similar to a thing that I designed to turn it into an XP farm where you
built this but you build it up here a little bit higher so the mobs don’t drop
down and kill themselves and you you flip these and you put them in the
middle like this you wouldn’t use magma blocks you’d use something else but the
mobs would come here you can break these two pieces of glass out and put a slab
anyway I’ll link that video in the description so you can see how to do the
XP farm thing but this is meant to solve the problem of mobs getting stuck down
here every now and then they’ll fall and they won’t die so this is a version of
an ether hopper clock it’s pretty easy to build now you can find videos for
these things all over YouTube so there’s no point in me you know rehashing that
out you just bring some redstone over here these are sticky pistons with magma
blocks you put the redstone dust over the top of them this lever locks the
system because it keeps this piston engaged so if you turn that off you’ll
see that it switches and these items down here if I can get it selected there
we go they’re gonna run through just like that and in just a second it’s
gonna switch back you can see that it’s open the mobs are falling okay one gets
stuck this closes it chokes the mobs out kills them and then it opens back up
again in a few minutes every 32 blocks that you’ve put into this hopper clock
down here is going to give you about 13 seconds worth of activation here and
that doubles so if you put in 64 blocks you’re gonna have about 26 seconds of
activation you may have to play with the timing a little bit to get it just right
to suit your needs but this will definitely 100% make sure that those
stuck mobs down here get taken care of awesome okay so another thing that you
can do to improve this farm is to make when the mobs fall you want to get rid
of them as quickly as you can the water tray over here it works really well for
the early game right but it is not the most efficient way to do things because
the mobs fall down here and they float and float and float and float and then
they finally fall down the tube eventually and they die but with a
system like this if you replace the whole water tray with one of these guys
when the mobs fall they either die from fall damage or this thing cooks them
right quick and there they drop their drops on top of the magma the hopper
cart gathers up the drops and it dumps them off into this hopper over here with
the chest underneath it now this is my design this whole thing here
is not my design people have been doing this for for a long time probably years
but for the bedrock condition I made up this little launcher here just a minute
ago if you want a tutorial on that let me know down in the comments and I’ll do
a tutorial on just one of these sweet so now let’s cover some reasons why you
built this thing in your world and it just doesn’t work please make sure
verify that you are on bedrock update 1.12 dot one that is the latest update
this also works in 1.12 and it’s going to get so much better in 1.13 because
they’re gonna fix the mob spawn Heights right the mount the hitbox heights so
verify you’re in the correct update swap to peaceful and back to heart this is
going to get rid of the mobs in the area where you are and it’s going to kick
start the farm however it will also get rid of mobs that you have name tagged so
be careful of that a couple people have told me that it only does that in the
spawn area right around the player but I have not verified that yet so do that at
your own risk the roof must be a solid block with a non spawn it glass blocks
work the best because the other one still allow llamas and wandering traders
and stuff to spawn up there and they use up mob caps if you build it over ocean
which traditionally has been the best it is going to work very well but you’ll
have to deal with the fish and I told you how to do that earlier but it’s
still not a hundred percent sometimes you still get some fish and they do use
up some of the global mob cap and so on and so forth so building it over a
Plains is just the best thing to do if you build it over a desert you’re gonna
get strays and you’re gonna get rabbits and stuff like that if you build it in a
frozen area the water tray is gonna freeze on you so just just build it over
a Plains okay so that brings us to the last point in this video the thing that
probably most everybody has been here to check out is how do we stop the spiders
from spawning now in my other design all of you guys know that there were signs
around the outside and that did work it did but it wasn’t the best design
fortunately this is way easier than placing all those doggone signs and I
hate it that you guys did that too begin with and now we have this but I
did a whole lot of testing and I improved the design and you can see here
what I’ve done so you got a glass cage a glass block wall all the way around all
four sides of this thing it stops right here on the bottom tray and it goes all
the way to the roof now we’re gonna jump inside this top one here and show you
the finishing touches what you have to do so you’re gonna want to make a bunch
more buttons right and let’s let’s get a glass block here we’re gonna close this
off now so you still need the buttons inside the holes you still need the
buttons in this pattern on the top and a couple of people were asking me about
the orientation of the buttons it doesn’t matter the buttons only place
one way in the game if you built your farm in the 90 degrees to this it’s not
gonna matter just make sure that you have the buttons in the right pattern
and you’ll be okay now the reason spiders were spawning is
because of the three by two rule with an air block being okay and all that making
them good I explained that in the last video so what we do with the glass cage
around the outside like this these spaces along the outside edge that do
not have a button in them you’re going to put a button on the glass in those
spaces so we got three here you go one two three
you got three here you go one two three like that here is just one on this
facing on the other platforms this pattern is going to alternate because
you alternated the pattern of the buttons so we go one two three we’ll put
whoops we’ll put three here that’ll go away
there we go one one one one and one and one there we go that is it that being
around the edge just like that stops the spiders from spawning because previously
with the signs on the outside edge this would give you a three by two area and
the signs there didn’t count for some reason to stop the spiders from spawning
but it still worked sometimes I can’t explain it I don’t understand the
mechanic behind it I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it it’s like
sometimes the signs mattered and sometimes they didn’t this however
stops the spiders 100% every time as you can see from the beginning of the video
down here in the bottom of this chest from my AFK session last night there’s
zero string here none spiders done there’s still a good bit of rotten flesh
but not a lot and there’s still some sugar and glowstone dust and all these
glass bottles from the witches and things because that is the thing that is
still going to happen until update 1.13 but in update 1.13 I’m losing my voice a
little bit in update 1.13 the mob height hit boxes
are going to be fixed and this is going to become 100% creeper only it’s gonna
give you just gunpowder and I mean 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
and some change stacks of gunpowder for nine hours afk that is not too bad if I
do say so myself thank you all for joining me today for this improved
version of the creeper farm I hope that it we went over a lot this was a good
video we went over quite a bit of stuff and you can apply some of this stuff to
the other builds in your worlds I really appreciate you guys hanging out with me
and there’s gonna be a very special announcement on my channel real soon for
a contest that I’m gonna be running so make sure that you subscribe and click
the mail and hit like and all of that stuff because you’re gonna want to have
a part in that thanks again everyone and we will catch you all in the next one


  1. Jo Rogan Author

    Great more glass lmao thats the only thing i can really change since i use a trident killer for the looting 3 sword effect and i get like 5 stacks an hr

  2. Noah Hamson Author

    I built my farm like you did in your first video but mine was broken from the start, no matter how long I would afk at the farm, I would get about 32 gunpowder and some fish and rotten flesh but that’s is, and no matter how long after that I waited no more gunpowder would drop. I would have to go to the top and kill all the mobs or knock them down into the drop shoot. Will afking horizontally fix all this?

  3. Bodey Coburn Author

    …I built the original version 2 days ago in our world I may improve it, but I kinda like the fish for the bones unless it affects the drops majorly


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