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How to install a DIY rain barrel to save water for your Garden Plants

This is Hortoccult we are here to talk about plants
Lets get it on all right so here’s our stack down show
so what I did was I used a little bit of sand and some gravel and I was able to
make it good enough foundation and make your level enough to be okay so yeah I
just took some landscape rocks it’s probably about four inches deep but um and when we before I fill it with water
though I’m gonna you see when you get my level pretty plum
especially for what I’m going for really plum so I checked both of them
before I made it that’s good compact the ground first then lay down
the gravel and then do the sand so now over here I just laid my barrels down
and I’m gonna drill a hole at the bottom with a one inch drill bit and my
spouts are 3/4 but that measures the inside not the outside so them outside
it’s gonna be 1 inch so that’s what I’m doing so let’s drill these holes and
then show you the next thing all right was it good for you it was good for me
I don’t know where to put you Oh alright lets try one more yeah Hole sweet all right let scotch and take a look at this one now
oh look at hole all right so next thing we’re we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna drill two more holes in the in between the sides and
put these in there then we’re gonna put this PVC pipe cut it to fit in between
so that’s our next step yeah so I put them back up on the blocks now I just
got to measure where I want to put the holes on or it connects and then I’ll be
able to have oh I’m almost there I’ll have one more
stage after that and that’s cutting into the drain right there and have a pipe so
it’s a diverter so how it works is when it’s not when it’s full it will continue
down the drought downspout other than cutting into it and having all of the
downspout into the barrel it’ll fill up and overflow really quickly but this way
we’ll have a divert and when if they when these fill up the diverter will let
the water and continue down and go into the yard somewhere else or whatever all
right so let’s drill those holes mark it up drill those holes and measure for the
PVC so now we’re just gonna measure out the distance between two and very much and that’s like trying
like eight eight inches that’s it so that’s from the inside so yeah I could
probably make it a little shorter but it will just stick with a I got a little
bit of room to work with so we’ll do that I’ll measure probably the same like
before in between three and four inches is where I want my hole well
real again and then yeah he’s busy no problem
repeat the same thing just with different parts no problemo alright so
here we go just putting it on the mark we’re gonna drill hole again same size so there’s one hole there the other hole where’s our little mark okay so we have our holes connect them
so these I just got the hardware store PVC connectors mail adapters so they’re
the same size so we’ll just wrap them with the white
tape again and screw them in and then we’ll measure the PVC and you’ll be able
to connect it up I have foreseen a problem so I I’m just wrapping him up
it’s all white I have foreseen a problem if you can tell kind of gently a job
just for you up so I don’t know what I’m gonna do really so fun and water will come down in you
try to connect them see how it’s a little high well I do a little bendy bendy alright
so there it is we’re connected and we got our spouts we got our stands
or concrete stands we’re good so now we just need to get the diverter in and as
soon as I get that in the mail we’ll cut this down spout and hook up the pipes to
that and we’ll have herself a rain barrel let me get some water in this and
just test it out all right so I put a little bit of water in it just to see if
the spout works and as you can see there’s no leaking no leaking around
that’s real good yay my plants will be fed all right well thank you and we’ll
do it another video when I get the diverter this is horrible to talk about plants

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