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How to Install an Expandable 3-Zone Lawn Sprinkler (Irrigation) System (Plumbing Tutorial)

So, here are a couple of things to keep in
mind: It’s much easier to put in a
manifold system that is pre-built and it doesn’t cost very much extra. You
don’t need to put in unions at both ends of the
valves. Here are the valves. We have three valves – that’s three zones. There are unions on top of them. You don’t have to put
unions going to the distribution lines. It is a very good idea to put in a gauge, so that you can tell what the
pressure is. Here we have put a gauge that’s connected with the
union and an elbow and a bunch of other connectors. This is easily replaced by
taking that union off and putting on a cap. And here’s a cap that goes right there, instead of the union. What we have done, is put in a shut off. It is not critically important to do so,
but it’s nice to have an outside shut off. And that’s this thing right here. It is very important to have a way to
blow out your system. We put that in with another shut off right here. And this is the connection, quick connect for a blowout for the system. When you’re not using it, you turn that
off, as it is positioned right now. And when
you are using, it you turn it on by just flipping that ball valve and this is the ball valve that shuts off the entire
system, as well. I like to use the zone valves that allow manual override. These ones allow manual override and you just turn them this way and they turn on without the timer. It’s much easier to test this way. These particular valves also allow for flow control, so these are
very nice valves. Usually not available at Home Depot. And you can get the ones that are at Home
Depot – Lawn Genie ones, but I like these best. So, that’s the preview there. We did not put a vacuum breaker outside. Those vacuum breakers break
really quickly, when you have a quick freeze
overnight in the spring or in the fall. Instead,
what we’re gonna do is put an RPZ valve inside the house and
I’ll show you one of those.


  1. Joe G Author

    Why is the shut off downstream from the blowout when you winterize the system, don't you risk the chance of forcing air back into the main rather than the heads. Wouldn't it make more sense to put shut off on the other side of air compressor fitting , then when you force air you shut off main and all air is forced out head direction I've never installed before, I'm just doing my homework now getting ready to do this in the spring and really like how clean this setup is.
    Let me ask you this as well, where would you tap off if you plan to have another manifold setup a good distance away, off the manifold or off the main supply

  2. Jonathan Hetrick Author

    i am using a well- and only have about 50 psi- i am looking to water a couple acres- how much pressure loss will i loose with a long run and a lot of sprinkler heads- thanks

  3. nick thompson Author

    Hi just have some questions what inch poly pipe are you using, or if the connection is not perfect to your manifold what adapters are you using, and what sprinklers are you using. Thanks I'm looking forward to building my own system but I'm so confused on all the adapters and I don't want to use PVC to connect to my manifold but your video really helps so thanks.

  4. Dad Li Author

    Jake, thanks for this, very helpful. What type of pressure gauge and fitting for the gauge did you use? I'd like to install one on my system but can't tell from the video which fittings and the size of the gauge nipple. Thanks again!

  5. Ron Lehman Author

    have you seen the new Patented Freeze Tolerant ball valves ?  5 year limited warranty not to crack the valve

  6. Wesley Jackson Author

    I wish I had seen your video before I started my project; however, I'm still pretty much on par with what you did. I do have a question though –
    I thought about installing 1/2" PVC (for air) to run parallel with my 1 1/4" (water) main. This way, I can pipe it to my compressor in the garage, instead of doing it your way with the quick connects. Any thoughts on this? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  7. FireDean Schilling Author

    Thanks..Been studying your configuration…very helpful and much appreciated. Im a landscape design / install guy and I decided to not sub out this work so this is my first wired in irrigation system…I have 2 questions : 1) What is the description of the ball valve set up for the quick connect…threaded inside both ends or slip on one and threaded on the other? 2) What size is it, and all the pvc ..3/4"? 1"? Thanks!

  8. Ramblin Man Author

    My main line comes in on poly and connects to the manifold. Is it possible for me to break the connection and add a shut off and blow out like you have?

  9. bclb6 Author

    Your blowout is in the wrong spot. All your going to do is blow air towards your main supply. It should be downstream of your shutoff valve. Major fail.

  10. Tyson Elliott Author

    As a professional irrigation tech, your video is not only shit, but should be deleted. Anyone using "Orbit" products has no fucking clue what they're doing.

  11. jeffrey melton Author

    No offense but you wont be able to use the blow out unless you turn your meter off. There should have been a shut off valve before the blow out


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