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How to Install your Automatic Drip Irrigation System: The Raindrip Flower, Shrub and Tree Kit

Installing your Automatic Watering System
How to install your Automatic Watering System Thanks for your recent purchase of our Raindrip
Automatic Watering Kit. Installation of this kit should take about 20 minutes. We have
also provided a link here that shows you how to program the timer if you need help. Let’s
get started on the installation. The timer that comes in this kit functions
using water pressure greater than 25PSI. That means, you cannot use this timer to control
water flow from, say a rain barrel. Additionally, this timer must be installed on an above ground
hose bib — do not install it on a hose or location where the timer will be laying on
the ground. First you need to locate the hose bib that
is near the landscape area you want to water. Next, take the timer and remove the hose bib
adapter as shown. Now, connect that adapter to the hose bib so you can connect the timer
to the adapter. Hold the timer up to the adapter and hand tighten the collar back onto the
timer — do not over tighten. This kit also comes with a Wye splitter. The
purpose of a Wye splitter is to allow usage of your hose bib while the hose bib is connected
to the timer. You can also use it to water in 2 different directions off the same timer
but it will require an additional purchase of supply line and feeder lines.
Now that the timer is in place, screw on the filter regulator and attach the supply line.
This may look like a lot of parts, but you will only really need the supply line. The
other parts are provided to help you tee off the tubing, turn corners or cap off a cut
end. Now that your supply line is connected to the timer, lay out the supply line throughout
your landscape in a way that will allow the tubing to run in the middle of the landscape.
Once your supply line is laid out, position each of the 10 feeder lines at intervals that
will allow the “dripper head” to water the base of each flower, shrub or tree. Drippers
are made to emit 2 gallons of water per hour so there is plenty of water for multiple plants
in your landscape. Once you have positioned the feeder lines, grasp the supply line and
one of your Clamp and Pierce feeder lines in the manner shown. Firmly press on the fitting
to puncture the supply line and ensure the fitting has wrapped itself fully around the
supply line. Do this for the remaining feeder lines. Sometimes you may need more supply line or
feeder lines, you can find those by visiting
We have also provided a quick watering guide that can help you select the right number
of feeder lines for each plant type. So that’s all there is to it; if you still
have questions, you can reach us at [email protected] and we can help you out with any additional
questions you may have. For more than 30 years, Raindrip, Inc. (a
subsidiary of NDS, Inc.) has been a leader in efficient irrigation solutions for the
residential market. For more information on our products, other efficient irrigation products
and special offers, visit


  1. MasterStryfe Author

    Dear raindrip: your system sucks! since you didnt include the piece to punch holes and your instructions are non existent. I have to watch video after video to figure something out since I accidently cut the stupid hose line.

  2. Richard Habicher Author

    I have NOT heard or seen it in stores in Australia. I have many high up baskets but said no more baskets last year. I like them still and it is hot sometimes 30o-40o. Watering twice is fine but I have the time but a HELP is what I would want. Grandchildren no, Children with no-interest no, so I will go automatic and just watch it all. When I am gone so are the baskets!

  3. Kate Dobbins Author

    I bought a Raindrip adapter (to turn my sprinkler into a drip area). There are almost NO instructions, but I understood the system. I hooked it up and before I was even done, 2 of the 4 connection ends had broken off ! This system is cheaply made with non-durable plastic. I could not recommend it .


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