How to Make $100,000 Farming 1/2 Acre You Don't Own


  1. Michael Ahn

    Curious how to make farming profitable where Baguette is 36 cents a piece and Plum 42 cents per kilo.
    2.3 pounds and 3 kg of Peaches is only one Europe ( Eastern Europe)?

  2. GjoniStar

    Maybe if you grow weed you can make that amount of money…
    If you want to be a millionaire from agriculture start with a billion and here you go.

  3. TheThedot

    they hate us. All they do is to hurt us. They want to flood USA with 3rd world scabs so they can save $$$ on labor, adn they demand to sell chiness made plastic shit to us at 1st world prices OMG they are so gad damn evil. I hate them. We all hate you evil damn scum. We know who you are, and we all hate your god damn evil guts!!!! USA WILL HAVE A CIVIL WAR, only becasue THEY want to profit off our dying, you are that damn evil. FORCING US TO LIVE WITH 3RD WORLD scabs under the same flag. OMG! NO MORE!

  4. Rafael Alvarez

    Sounds like all the other Youtubers claiming that they make a whole bunch of money off of their business,but realistically their channel is just to sell you programs to supposedly make you money,conferences,and merchandise.

  5. Brenda Nelson

    i am 73, single woman with some limitations. BUT, I know how to grow a garden. My questions are two…1. How does one approach people about using their land, and 2. My health limitations come and go. What if the tomatoes are ready to be picked, I I am not able to pick? I also want a home. Have never owned one. I have good rough carpentry skills, know how to build a house. But how to get the land? Have tried all the usual pathways to land/homeownership…no go. Any suggestions?

  6. Ric Gonr

    When I was in middle school I actually put a candle next to a plant the science teacher give me to take care of… I burnt the plastic pot

  7. Rich Stone

    I'm trying to catch up on all of your videos and came across this one. Great video. I love both of you and could listen for hours. Thank you

  8. Tyree Green

    Wow O: this is a very productive way to earn money and the best thing is you don’t really have too listen too anybody because nobody is your boss.

  9. jenny otero

    What I have learned is that starting with a little in the future would give you more than what you have started with. And what I have also learned is that I can be making a lot of money right now.

  10. CDC 67

    Well if an acre is almost a million bucks, you can imagine how much the produce is. All about where you live. Here in MT we have community gardens where you put a few bucks in a box and go pick what you want based on the honor system. Or you can go to a parking lot and get fresh produce from the Hutterites (a more modernized version of amish) for cheap. Also, 1/3 of an acre really isn’t owning “land”. That would be more of a lot to park a trailer on. Kelowna is a little over 7 hrs from where I live. But yeah you can grow so much stuff on your porch if you really want to do that and go sell it anywhere. Do it, not that hard. What they’re really talking about is community. And a real community shouldn’t be a few people making a bunch of money off your “community”. $100,00 off a 1/3 of an acre and the one dude is crying about the world? Wow. Funny how people look at yhe world

  11. ImJucario

    This is a good video because its another good to show people that you don't have to take the same path in life as everyone else. you can get creative and shape up your own path of life.

  12. Tamzee 23

    Wow such dedication from this guy, his energy and passion for this line of work, it really encourages me to really get out there and hustle.

  13. Kauri Maher

    thank you for this video guys, you are an inspiriation. i am currently a student of horticulture in ireland, and videos like these reinforce my passion for the subject. have a great day, amen

  14. Juan 4Realz

    John, you know this is bullshit. You cant make 100k a year being a farmer. I want to be a farmer as well, but i know damn well the harships that come along with being a farmer in todays society. hopefully this changes. But we still pay teachers low salaries, why would farmers being any different? Anyways, love your videos, love you, and dont take this (if you even see it) as a rip on you personally, i just find this hard to believe. If it isnt bullshit, ill quit my job tomorrow, i swear bro.

  15. nathan ray

    Hi John thank u for making these video I'm actually getting my own farm here at the end of the month I was fired and I don't want to do the same thing anymore

  16. Joseph Renaud

    Thanks for the GYG revolution!!! Funny I already ordered the book before I heard your deal LOL (BTW my wife is shocked at the number of books you have inspired me to read) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

  17. Engi S

    John, I love your videos, but as a mom, I have to watch and work. This means anything I listen to has to be kid friendly. Your videos are so informing and inspiring. I would hate to miss out over potty mouth. I know as an adult, it is okay, but my kids will be suspended for the 1st potty mouth episode at their school, and expelled the 2nd time around. It would be so healpful if the language could be kept clean. I am sorry for complaining. I am very appreciative of your videos. You have so much to share as well that would benefit kids!

  18. ps cb

    Hello. Sir. Thank you very much for your information. I need few information. I am having a 5acres of fertile farm land with good WATER FECILTY having 💧 drip system fecility in INDIA. Sir I wana know about high commercial cash crops .less investment
    in short period growing with very less labours. Because I lost lot of money for labours so plz guide me


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