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You know there are times where I make videos that just don’t make any sense(Don’t We All), But, for whatever reason, they’re entertaining and hysterical in their own way. Like when I removed all of the stone from world generation Just to see the chaos that ensued. Link to that video can be found above. And while today’s video isn’t quite as extreme as that one, ultimately, I’m making this video for fun. Today, I want to know how to increase your chances for being struck by lightning in Minecraft Because, you never know, one day, it might wind up becoming an achievement. And let’s be real, It’s kind of an achievement all on its own. I’ve been playing Minecraft for 6 years 9 months and 14 days And I’ve only ever been struck by lightning once. And, funny enough, It was on video during my death swap with Logdotzip…fun times. But anyways, Let’s check out how to best prepare yourself to be struck by lightning in survival Minecraft. Okay, let’s get into this. What is the most optimal way to be struck by lightning in survival Minecraft? Well, first things first we need to understand a little bit more about how lightning strikes in Minecraft. And honestly, It’s pretty simple. During any given thunderstorm on any block that rain falls on top of There is a 1 in 100,000 chance per tick per chunk that lightning will strike the ground. So with that in mind, I originally had the thought that if you load as few chunks as possible you would increase your chances of being struck Because there would be less surface area for lightning to strike. But, that’s not necessarily true either. For instance, if you only had one single chunk loaded, There’d be a 1 in 100,000 chance for a lightning strike per tick if you had 100 chunks loaded There’d be 100 times the surface area for lightning to strike But it also be 100 times more likely for lightning to spawn at all Because it’s per chunk per tick. So with all of that in mind, it just kind of evens out. Simply put it doesn’t matter how many chunks are loaded, so what should we try next? Well, after diving deeper into the mechanics of thunderstorms in Minecraft, I found out that you will take damage from a lightning strike if you’re within three blocks of it on the X and Z axis, And then there’s some variance on the Y axis. But then I found out another interesting tidbit of information; When lightning chooses a location to strike, before appearing and before hitting the ground, the game looks for any living entities that can see the sky within a 3×3 region that the lightning chose to strike. If any happen to exist within that region, Yourself included, the lightning will instead strike that entity dead-on. What that means is you can slightly Manipulate where lightning will strike and increase your chances of being struck altogether. Because of this fact, I had the idea to create what I’m gonna call a lightning farm. Think about it this way if you’re all alone standing out in the middle of a field at any given moment There is a seven by seven block area where lightning can strike And hit you, but what if on the edge of that seven by seven area, you put a bunch of pigs. Again keep in mind, if lightning strikes within a 3×3 block area of any living entity The lightning will strike the entity dead-on instead; Sort of teleporting to that entity. So, all of a sudden, We’ve increased our range for being struck by lightning from 7×7 to 13×13. If lightning strikes anywhere within this 13×13 area, It will deal damage to the player, either directly or indirectly, and as such it’ll count for this experiment. So, I built this little contraption according to the math that I had worked out and just waited. And after about four in-game Thunderstorms, it happened, and the contraption worked. As you can see from this footage, One of the pigs on the corner was directly struck by lightning, and Because I was close enough to that pig and by proxy at the lightning bolt itself, I was also struck by lightning. So, it works if you want to be struck by lightning in survival Minecraft This is the method that I would recommend. While this may not be absolutely 100% the most effective way to do this, It’s certainly the best way that I could quickly figure out given the information that was provided through the Minecraft Wiki. So before I go ending off this video I just want to show you guys a little behind-the-scenes of sorts in how I set up this experiment And how I wound up confirming some of the numbers that I had for this video. So, the first thing that I have in front of me Here, is just a little area that I set up in order to see how far away from lightning I could be before I wouldn’t no longer be struck, and by proxy how close to a lightning strike I had to be in order to take damage from it both on the Y axis Along with the X and Z axis. So, again, all I have set up here is just this little tower of glowstone Which doesn’t really mean much, but lightning is gonna strike The block right above it because if you look on the f3 menu you can see that it says that I am looking at -22 6 -796. So, if I go ahead and I type in this command here You can see that lightning is going to strike the block right above it Which would sort of simulate the block that I am standing on, so, yeah. Let’s go ahead and let’s do that there And you can see, as long as I type in that command lightning is gonna strike that exact spot every single time. So, what I found out is that you can be standing somewhere around nine blocks above the lightning strike and Three blocks below it and still get struck, so, let me go ahead and let me go over to gamemode 0, here, And you can see that if I stand on the very, very, very edge of this here, That I’m actually not going to get struck by lightning at all, so, yeah. I know visually it looks like the Lightning might be striking on this platform, but it’s not, it’s going right through it. So, anyways, if I go ahead and I step about a block closer, and I summon lightning again Then I am gonna get hit by lightning. Now, if I go one block too high Which is, I believe, somewhere around nine or ten blocks above the lightning strike? Then I’m not going getting hit by lightning if-* even if I go super, super close, I’m just not gonna get hit, and if I go ahead and I stand right here, I’m gonna get hit, so, yeah. All right, Let’s go ahead and let’s go over to gamemode 1, go down here, And, I also discovered that you can be somewhere around Three blocks below the lightning and Not get struck as well-* or rather four blocks below and not get struck. So, if I go ahead and I summon the lightning here, You can see there It is. BAM, the lightning strikes, but if I go one block further up And I’m still within that three block area away from it Then I will get struck by lightning. So, that did actually confirm to me That any entity that is going to get struck by lightning does have to be within three blocks of the lightning strike In order to take damage. And this really only applied for me because I just wanted to know how close I had to be to the Actual lightning strike in order to be affected, so, yeah. That’s how I set up the initial experiment. Now, beyond that point I wanted to know about this whole experiment with lightning striking other mobs And then by proxy striking me instead, because obviously the concept of lightning striking Within, like, something like six blocks away from you like one, two, three, four, five, six, it can strike six blocks away from you with This setup and still hit you but with this setup it can only be three blocks away from you, so Obviously, the latter seemed more appealing. So, again, if I were to be standing right here and lightning struck this block, I would wind up getting hit by lightning, but if it struck this one, I wouldn’t be because the light wouldn’t do the teleportation thing and teleport to me. So, yeah, what I setup here is pretty much what you would have to set up for yourself if you wanted to get struck by lightning. So, again, If lightning were to strike say this block right here Because the pig is within three blocks of it, the lightning would sort of teleport to the pig itself, And then the lightning would instead of striking right here, It would actually strike the pig directly because, again, the lightning strikes the entity dead-on if it’s within three blocks. Now, if lightning were to strike within this inner area, Then I would just wind up getting hit directly, so, you know, it’s gonna work out No matter what. If lightning strikes right here, It’s gonna choose one of these two pigs to teleport to. If it strikes right here, It should still select one of those two pigs to teleport to. So, let me go ahead and let me stand in the middle of the center square here. This whole area is 13×13 as I said in the video And I have already tested this, I know that this is gonna work But let me go ahead and let me head over to gamemode 0 Here, and let me go ahead and let me type in this command instead where instead-* what let’s see here I think I need to tap up a couple of times…If I execute on Some random pig within 10 blocks of myself, and I summon a lightning bolt… Let me go ahead and let me go into the F5-% you know, yeah, like F…F5 here. If I go ahead and I summon this lightning bolt here, Then, as you can see, it hit that pig back there, and I got hit by the lightning strikes. So, let me go ahead and let me do this here And you’ll see it a little bit more directly since it won’t be directly behind me here. BAM!(Crackles In Game) So, as you can see, lightning struck that pig dead-on and that does simulate what would happen if lightning were to strike Somewhere within this region; It would teleport to the pig and the pig would get struck. So, let me go ahead, Let me do that two more times since we have two more pigs to go through BAM! So, as you can see, we get hit by lightning and that pig, well, he’s not gonna last very long because he’s gonna be Dead. BAM! There we go. So, if you want to get hit by lightning. This is the setup that I would recommend making. Sooo, yeah. That pretty much covers it. Feel free to give it a try for yourself, Let me know if it wound up working for you, Or let me know if you have any other interesting experiments in mind that I can wind up testing out on video Because I’m always open to new ideas. So, anyways, guys, I hope you all enjoyed this little experiment. If you guys did enjoy the video then please consider leaving a like on it because it would really help out myself the channel and The video quite a lot. So, I hope you all enjoyed, my name is Antvenom, and I bid you all farewell. Thanks so much for watching!


  1. David David Author

    In bedrock you can wear Iron armour and get a second player to stand on the same block as you. Lighting will strike exactly where you are. To do it again the second player has to walk out and then walk in again.

  2. B.J. Hubbard Author

    so i was messing around with nether portals on creative mode on the wii u edition ad as i came out of one, suddenly, my carecter was DIRECTLY stuck by lighting! (i had the wether set to be in storm mode perminitly but still!) ironicly, i had a chaneling trident in my inv, but thats NOT how iit hapened! lol

  3. Just Another Youtube Channel Author

    In my 8 years of Minecraft, I have only been struck by lightning twice. Once while building a house, it caused a big fire and scared the pants off me, and the second time much more recently while boarding a Minecraft railway. The fire burned by railway station pretty bad, and it destroyed my minecart!

  4. Zack Markham Author

    I've played since 1.2.1, 7 years, and I've been hit 5 times, struck directly once. Yes, I've kept track. Summoned lightning doesn't count. It's something you keep count of, you know?

  5. Andreas Lag Author

    I just got hit by lightning!! Without a farm, in 16 render distance! Im playing 6 years minecraft this is happening the first time for me

  6. Spychopat Author

    i don't understand how this is a lightning farm, you're just standing in the middle of a few pigs, how is this increasing the lightning chance ? i understand that pigs extend the range you get from 3 blocks to 8 blocks, but i wouldn't called that a lightning farm, you still have the same chance of lightning to occur, right? or i maybe i didn't understood a thing ?

  7. Fede MC Author

    Spring 2018: Released 1.13.
    Added the trident and its enchants.
    One of the enchants is channeling, which causes the trident to generate lightning bolts.

  8. HA HA! FUNNY NAME! Author

    I was struck by lightning 2 times
    I was using an elytra to fly around and I got struck mid air so I landed in shock started typing in the chat since I was on a vanilla server and got struck again

  9. Ricardo Lizama Author

    And i have already been struck by lightning 3 times in a week without knowing anything about lightning , wow i dont know if my luck is very good or very bad…


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