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How to Make a Loose Crop Top | DIY Square Dolman Crop Top

to start off take a t-shirt that fits
you well, fold it in half, and trace along the shoulder seam, neckline, and side seam being sure that our ruler is perpendicular to center front we’re going to measure out from the widest part of our shirt six and a half inches past the side seam using this measurement we can now draw in our new side seam once you’ve decided how long you want
your top to be square out from center front until it hits the new side seam moving up to the shoulder extend this line being sure to keep it the same angle of what your original shoulder was i decided i wanted my neck to be a bit
more scooped out so i measured out an inch and a half and connected that to my neckline if you want it to be off the shoulder be
sure you go past your original shoulder line from this point measure along the
shoulder 12 and a half inches to get our new shoulder length moving on to the armhole we are going to
square out at the top of our side seam and from this line we’re going to square
up to our new shoulder tip now we’re going to remove the point in
our underarm by using a curve to draw a nice smooth line on the bottom of our
underarm to our side seam now we can erase all of the original tracing lines that we made earlier and add our seam allowances all the way around this
pattern to create the sleeve we’re going to start off with a line that’s the same measurement as our arm hole in the center of this line square out five
inches and at the end of this line you’re going to square up and down equally until you have a line that is four and a half inches now you can connect the two parallel
lines and add some allowance all around be sure to mark that the stretch of the
fabric will be going around the body and around the arm I decided to finish my neckline off with
a band of fabric so we need to measure the neckline of our pattern from the fold line to the sew line do not measure the seam allowance taking this measurement, we’re going to multiply it by 4 since this is only a quarter of our
top and then with this new measurement we’re going to multiply it by 0.9 this is going to remove ten percent of
our fabric so that the band will be slightly stretched when it’s sewn on and will keep it from being floppy when we’re wearing it now you can use your pattern pieces to
cut out four sleeve pieces and to cut out the front and the back on the fold with the front back pieces right sides together sew along the shoulder and side seams put the sleeves right sides together and sew along both sides with your top inside out and your sleeve
right side out place the sleeve into the arm hole
opening of your top, pin around, and sew to finish off our neckline we’re going
to take our neck band and sew the two ends together, fold it in half, and pin
equally around the neckline once your neckline is all pinned into
place you can go ahead and serge or zigzag stitch around it and for an extra touch if you have a cover stitch machine go ahead and cover stitch that seam
allowance down


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