1. Linda Stanitis

    Love your Tutorial. Excellent. My question. What if the pattern was running the length and when your pillowcase is done, it doesn't show the pattern length wise as the pillow is laying on the bed, but is running the other way? Would you cut your pillowcase pieces out differently?

  2. Stacey Mayhew

    I was unable to find the beautiful gingerbread fabric you use in this video for purchase on your website. Will you be getting it in stock again?

  3. Sandy Carr

    What happened to the literal size of your video ??? They used to be large and, while I enjoy your channel, I don’t waste my time on these tiny video blocks. It’s hard to see as it is.

  4. Nickie Roome

    I love how this looks but I’m used to pillowcases with a part you tuck in so the pillow is enclosed. With this is seems the pillow isn’t secured inside the case. I wonder if that’s normal for American pillowcases? I’m in the UK and wondering if it’s possible to use this or a similar method to make our style of pillowcase.

  5. Sadie DeSimone

    Thank you for mentioning women’s and children’s shelters. We forget sometimes that we can help heal by simple handmade gifts of love and caring. You are special!🥰❤️👍👍

  6. DD who

    been making this pillow case for a long time. They do make wonderful gifts. You do a different process of sewing together which I like. Thanks

  7. readerunite

    My accent piece doesn't look good after the first washing. Not a good gift if the receiver has to iron the pillow cases. I would like to try and make a soft piping. Any ideas?

  8. Sharoina Clarke

    Lovely video step by step instructions very clear and easy to understand thank you. Do you have any video in how to make fitted sheets?

  9. Fritula 6

    This is so easy and simple. Thank you!
    Your teaching methods are very good.
    Thank you for reminding us to encouraging ourselves, to those who need our compassion and help. l have never come across a tutorial where this has been mentioned.
    When l sew, l find
    peace in my work.
    There is something about sewing… it stands 'alone', don't know what it is?


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