1. Susan Baker

    I love this video and have made several blankets. I want to make a blanket that is adult size but rectangular can this be adjusted to use on that type of blanket?

  2. Teresa Berrsley

    thanks for a very easy to follow tutorial, just gotta wait for someone to announce a pregnancy and I will make one confidently, (wonder who it will be?) thanks to your teaching x

  3. Carol G.

    Now I will find time to use the flannel stash with this quick method. Thank you.
    And I want to thank Shabby Fabrics for giving so many nice, personal replies to comments on this video.

  4. Janak Purohit

    I love the way you go step by step tutorial. it makes us very easy . you make it simplify .i feel like I am watching a person talking live. Beautiful creation , thank you so much. Also I love the fabric you used for the blanket. I tried to look in one of the name Brand store but I could not find such beautiful print for a baby blanket.
    Please let me know where you find such beautiful print & colors in 100 % cotton . Thanks again

  5. Therese Crouch

    Thankyou so much for that tutorial, ive had a frustrating time trying to get my corners right, that tutorial was so helpful, cant wait to try it

  6. Sharon Brennan

    I had viewed at least four of the YouTube videos on the self-binding flannel blankets. I watched, watched and watched…over and over again. I was really struggling to figure out the mitered corners and the steps necessary to make it work. Then, I happened to watch your video…my very first try was successful. I admit, after ruining a few tries from other videos, I was concerned I'd just be wasting more material, time, wear and tear on the machine, etc. However, the clear difference was the time you took to show close ups of each step; you clearly spoke in plain language to make it crystal clear; you went over the parts that I was struggling with…I loved the tips you gave on the 1/4" marks on all four corners; the close-up of how to mark from the thread line; how to make sure nothing was "bundled up" inside the pocket you make for the mitered corners; the closeups of the position of the quilt ruler along the sewing line (1/4") were the thing that moved me through to success. You took the extra time to provide all the tips we could ever had needed!. I'm going to have to find out what else you make…I'm very impressed, grateful and so glad I didn't give up. Thank you.

  7. Gayle Lammerman

    We are still snowing here in southwest Idaho today.
    Thanks for your time with this blanket I have made lots of them. I love it as they are fast and so comfy.

  8. Carol D. Holland

    Hi, my question didn't get answered. On the video, I could see that the cute printed material is top side up…but I couldn't tell if the bottom polka dot fabric was top side up or bottom side up. When I made my blanket it didn't come out right. I didn't hear Jen tell us whether to sew right sides together or not.

  9. Yanire Mahabirsingh

    This is great! My daughter is 3 months pregnant. If I start now I may finish before her due date! Btw, I love how you start and finish all within 30 mins or so. I wish that could be me! Thank you. Great video!

  10. Sheri Drake

    Would this still work if you put a layer of batting in the middle? If so, would you cut the batting to 30" to match the top or 40" to match the backing?

  11. Tracy Osteen

    I just made one of these for My Great Grand-baby to be :)The tutorial was perfect… I just followed along … stopping and going of course…!!! it was so easy and fun to make. i cant wait to give to My Granddaughter as a gift for the Baby….THANKS EVERYONE AT SHABBY…!!!!

  12. Laney Rebecca

    I watched this 3 times, went to the fabric store, watched it there twice, came home and watched again, watched as i made the blanket, took a break and rewatched it again, and watched it one last time as i finished the blanket. My blanket turned out perfect* i appreciate all the details you add in when going step by step!!!

  13. Annissa Nicola

    I love ur video I have been watching so many of videos to try to do this and yours is the best that explains how to and I get it thank you so much 😊

  14. Monica Kostak

    I embroidered the babies name and birth date before making my blanket, following along with your video. It was years since i made one of these blankets and your tutorial was the best and i will refer back to it, when needed. A personalized gift and handmade-I can't wait to give it! I'm more of a visual person for watching and doing rather than reading and trying to do. Appreciate the you tube's and the continued variety of craft projects. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  15. cheryl breitung

    I agree with the comment about this being a superior tutorial compared to others I have watched. Also, your voice and rate of speech is superb! Thank you. I also appreciate the one who says she sews these for hospitals. One could also donate to Lynus donations.


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