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How to make a working mob farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition // UPDATED IN DESCRIPTION

hello and welcome welcome and hello
everyone Kunipshun Fit here and thank you all for joining me today for this
quick clip bill tip you might be wondering why I’m standing in a field of
torches well I’m about to tell you myself
and a few other people have theorized that if you dig all the way down to
bedrock in bedrock edition minecraft in a six chunk radius around a dark room
mob spawner and light it up with torches so nothing else will spawn that the dark
room mob spawners like that one up there will start to work because all spawn
herbal blocks have been lit up and that is literally the only place left in a
six chunk radius for mobs to spawn as you can see I have done this it’s a
little bit ridiculous but I have lit this area up with torches on every
single block for six chunks away from that guy up there now there’s nothing
special about this guy up here it’s just a dark room mob spawner that I’ve built
it doesn’t have a room around it because I’ve been using it it in nighttime so
you guys can see what’s going on there’s absolutely nothing in these chests okay
so what I’m gonna do is run up to the top well I’m gonna fly because running
wouldn’t be very smart that looks pretty good right there now let’s adjust our
field of view so you guys get a good perspective of what’s going on here there we go now I’m gonna start this
thing and let it run for one hour and we’re gonna find out what weekend okay well that is one hour done as you
can see this thing is still working so let’s go ahead and kill everything just
to make sure that we don’t get anything else coming in all right that’s good so
now let’s go down here and we’re gonna check and see what kind of drops we got
this was what there went some more drops this was only just an hour you guys so
if you afk at this thing like overnight or something like that it definitely is
gonna work check that out I mean we’ve got a stack and a half gunpowder stack
and a half of Bones thats awesome stack and a half of string we got a stack and
a half of arrows not that much rotten flesh which I’m actually surprised at a
little bit I thought that as another one pops in but it’s still only half a stack
so I was thinking that we would probably end up with more of that got a little
bit more gunpowder there too spider eyes glow stone glass and red zone so
obviously this thing is spawning witches too
so anyway I would say unequivocally that this does work and there’s a bonus to
this as well when you do this and you do let me that right there that’s the bonus
those guys when you do this it’s gonna start where’d you go there he is
it’s gonna start spawning slimes and wow they’re going crazy
oh yeah funny thing if you do the kill everything command with slimes like that
this is watch watch what happens to the slimes boying that’s pretty cool anyway
I just wanted to prove this theory it’s a thing that I’ve been thinking about we
actually have a guy on the craft way realm that is doing this on the realm he
is digging it down to bedrock and he is creating some mob farms and stuff around
there because eventually we want to be able to have these kinds of drops and
things now as I said this farm here there is nothing special about this
thing it’s got a hopper clock down here at the bottom I think this is a etho
hopper clock and it just runs up and we have a torch under here that’s powering
a dispenser that has water in it that’s it and the signal just runs up the side
now this is not optimized at all mobs we’re getting stuck on here the whole
hour there was a creeper that was running around back and forth down here
and he never would fall off and so on and so forth this is just something that
I threw together real quick but the important bit is that up here
you have these slabs because that then turns this into like a cave and a
surface situation at the same time if you take these slabs away it changes the
dynamics of how this works and also I discovered when I was
building this that because of the timing the way that I have it set up with the
dispensers for platforms is the max that I could get it to do and work properly
other than that the dispensers would then start going crazy and I would have
like three in the middle that would go and then four at the top would go and
six at the bottom it was just weird so anyway this seems to work extremely
well as you guys saw from the drops down there at the bottom it is doing a thing
but that’s because we have this entire area
lit up you can see the border right there we have this entire area lit up
and it’s just a little bit nuts so if you liked this video you know what to do
as always check out my other video series that I have got the redstone one
going on and of course I’ve got my SMP series craft away going on with there –
gonna have some really big awesome builds coming up on there so thank you
all for watching and we will catch you all in the next one you


  1. Klautos Author

    would have been cool if the tempo of the water dispensers matched the music perfectly the whole time heh! It syncs up a bit here and there for a time. 🙂

    Yeah mob farms are a huge pain in the arse in bedrock. That's a ton of torches lol

  2. rick s Author

    Hey thanks for releasing this video. Im running a surface only mob farm with the entire ticking area of my base plus 4 chunks out square around each spawning platform of the spawner. I plan to upgrade it to surface/cave mob farm but yeah, looks like I will have to remove a lot of blocks first lol

  3. Pozhiloy Author

    Hi, i know english bad. I do not understand you completely. Can you upload link with you map with this mob grinder. I want to see and understand her work. And build in my world.

  4. Brendan Hatfield Author

    Hey bud I just started Minecraft with my little cousin than instantly got hooked on the redstone automation and have automated a lot of stuff by my self but ive spent a long time in creative testing things and I have no idea how to make a mob farm if you could go into detail on how the spawning works or requirement of a mob farm to work that would be great! I play on a xbox one I dont know if that changes anything

  5. Allies All Around Author

    Yeah, that would either be a lot of digging, or a lot of effort put into lighting up all the caves. Probably not going to be doing that any time soon.

  6. SlowFudgeBalls Da Amazin Author

    Looks like I'm sticking with Xbox one edition till the end of time because Microsoft doesn't give a fuck. Or maybe I will dupe fireworks instead of mod grinders.

  7. Ben Y Author

    So I’m a little bit confused i don’t understand red stone so I was hoping I could see the timing and all the settings close up so I can copy it 🙂

  8. KunipshunFit Author

    UPDATE: With the release of update 1.11 mob spawning has changed. Check this video >>> to see the changes!!!


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