1. Sara Khammash

    When I sewed my bumpers I sewed pretty much around the whole bumper leaving a few inches open at the bottom, rolled my batting up, slid it in the opening and unrolled it. I didn't want to do a lot of hand work closing the seam. I just had a small area to stitch closed.  This worked great.  After reading in a previous reply how the batting wadded up in it after being washed, I   quilted mine so that they could be washed easier and hold up. I sewed 3 vertical lines evenly spaced and just a few stitches in each corner to hold them.I took a photo  of them to post with this comment but I don't see where you can attach a photo.

  2. Whitney Ralph

    Loved this video! Very clear of instructions! Thank you so much for sharing! What measurements are used for foam pieces? (Sorry if you have already stated)

  3. Joyce Collins

    I'd like to give a tip on the cutting of the cording….mark the spot that you're going to cut & wrap it with scotch tape…then when you cut into…. both ends that you cut will be wrapped in the tape & you won't have fraying….that's what I do & it works for me.

  4. Joyce Collins

    Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for showing this tutorial….I have 2 bumper pads to make for my soon to arrive twin Great Grandbabies & I haven't made them before….now I know how to start. I'm wondering about putting velcro closings at the bottom of each one so the batting could be taken out when washed. I know I could put zippers also but that would be much more work I think & I haven't put in zippers in years…..anyhow….I was wondering if you or anyone else has used velcro ? Thank you again, Joyce

  5. April Buckland

    I made a set of these bumper pads for my niece/god-daughter and they look great. I love that I was able to make her a crib quilt, sheets and a set of bumper pads that match. The only problem is when they need to be washed. Unfortunately, they came out completely twisted and I feared that they were irreparable. I'm not sure how they would look and if it is possible to quilt the pads to keep everything in place to prevent this from happening in the future, but it appears that I am going to have to try. Do you have any suggestions?

  6. Terre Sexton

    You are so brilliant with that cording/piping!  I don't know why I always made the piping first and THEN add them to my item I'm making.  But doing it all at the same time just really is easier, for sure.  Thanks again


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