1. Renee Souleret-Townsend

    Thank you for your reply Jennifer!-will subscribe and look for something you you use fabric mod Podge for or send you a pic sometime of something I have done!

  2. Renee Souleret-Townsend

    Have you ever used Mod Podge made specially for use with fabric? If so, do you notice any difference? It comes in smaller bottles and think it costs a bit more. I have used both & cannot tell a difference except when using velvet fabric. I used the green & blue trimmed mod Podge bottle for fabric because I heard it makes nicer fabrics ‘stick’ or adhere better. It was the inside of drawers in an up cycled jewelry box. I didn’t have any problems but also did not compare regular mod Podge either (time & fabric was nearly used up.
    Finally, I decoupaged an old metal lamp (pull cord like for craft room) and a new barrel shaped shade. It was cotton fabric that was a ‘postcard’ print and I wanted the shade to be just one piece I rolled around it. I Ironed it to get out wrinkles & starched it to add body. Had good results before using this method but fabric was still soft, falling out of my hands, drooping, etc. so I applied fabric stiffener (basically spray glue so cover workspace well with wax paper!!) after it dried, it was much easier to work with. I really think the stiffener does the trick just as spraying mod Podge sealant to tissue paper & napkins before adhering prevents having tears & wrinkles on project.
    Hope my experience helps anyone who loves projects like this. Still want to hear your opinion on the fabric mod Podge & if you know-what about the outdoor kind-like for covering outside furniture in fabric; maybe a bench or swing? My thinking seems to go to sealants after fabric is adhered. That is probably where you want results & that might mean where you want your $ to go…
    Thank you for sharing lovely, fun project! Modge Podge is how I say it. For spelling a product brand I typed it the way it is on the bottle!!😀

  3. Joyce Weinmann

    The manufacturer simply misspelled their product. They really meant to say "Modge Podge" After all, doesn't everyone say it that way?

  4. DesignCutters

    I've been getting a lot of requests for typefaces not normally offered in the big craft stores – mostly for large monogram initials of the bride and groom for weddings. The foam letters are usually decorated with moss for weddings but your "modge" podge technique could work real nice with some of the shimmery sparkly fabrics too. I'll have to try this instead of glitter next time. Thanks for the video tips!

  5. Shabby Fabrics

    Hi +Conchita Quilt! Thanks for watching and taking the time to leave a comment. We will be adding the Vintage Pink Seventh Heaven FQ set back into Our Shop within a week so keep an eye out!!

  6. Conchita Quilt

    Hi Jen, they're lovely, what a great idea for a gift too!  You don't have that shade of pink in the Seventh Heaven anymore do you?  I just checked and the only pink you have now is the Fresh Pink which is brighter.  Will you be getting anymore of the one you're using in this video?  Thank you 🙂


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