1. JumpingSpooder

    If i were to try that. it would take an hour and a half just to make a crappy looking little bowl. But you make three of those in 5 minutes?!

  2. Nikki B.

    I honestly wish I could afford a pottery wheel because I'm honestly afraid to do it in a class because I'm always very nervous about stupid things such as that ;-;

  3. Khaled Eldeeb

    I have aluminum wheel diameter is 86mm and I need Ceramic plated on the cylindrically service area for this wheel , So do you guide me what is the way to do that

  4. Sanel R.

    Do you have an online shop or something and do you do work on request, and after the bowls are made, what is the next step, do they get baked or do they just dry ? Sry I have no idea about pottery :p


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