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Welcome to Kara’s Kitchen. I’m going to make a series of videos
showing you guys how to cook meals in your home that you are all very capable of.
If you have anything you want to make, go ahead and just say it down in the
comments below and let me know what you want to do next. What’chu up to? I’m making a cooking
show. What are you doing? I’m gonna help! Well… Why are you coming
through the window?! What we makin’? I n this episode we’re making bread! A cup and a half each of
wheat flour and bread flour, a tablespoon of dry active
yeast, a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon each of
olive oil and coconut oil, two tablespoons of honey and a cup
and a tablespoon of very warm water. The first thing you’re gonna want to do, take all your dry ingredients
except for your wheat flour, and we have our bread flour
add in, dry yeast and salt, Levi’s gonna whisk it all
together and while he does that… I’m helping. He’s helping. take all of our
oils and put them together. Just go ahead and add your very warm
water, add it to your wet ingredients. Stir this until it’s
all combined together. This is the fun part. I have stirred together
all of our wet ingredients. We’re going to add them
to the dry ingredients, so we’re going to just start by whisking
it into our bread flour and asked her that. We get to get a little bit messy
when we start adding in our wheat flour. Don’t get it on the floor! So
now it’s pretty well combined. We are going to tap the whisk and get
all the dough that we have on off of it. [ANNOYING TAPPING]. Ok gimme that. Gimme that! Stop it! We’ve listed together our
[inaudible] don’t eat that. We’re going to slowly start needing just a little bit to start with. Alright
Levi. Get your hands dirty. Wait. Did you wash your hands? Yeeesss [hesitantly], He’s kneaded in a good
amount of this flour. So we’re going to add a little bit more. I typically add about
half a cup at a time, maybe even a little bit less. I’m going
to try and work in as much as we can. A little bit more. Alright, he’s kneaded in most of the flour,
so I’m going to just add in the rest. [Jeopardy theme song]. No! So once you have needed
your dough a fair amount, you’re going to want to roll it into a
ball… Unlike that. Okay, give me that. Dough fingers! I just simply scoop my
hand around the sides. Fold the dough in half and
knead back in with my fist. Then roll up into a ball like so and now
all we need to do is wait 30 minutes. No, it needs to rise. Don’t do that. Our dough has risen to roughly twice
its size and we’re going to need into a loaf look while I’m kneading it
in Levi’s going to take a pan, and he’s going to spray oil on it. Nine by four inches. You don’t eat the spray! This time we’re going to fold it in
half and then we can pinch the sides together after kneading it. That way we
can roll it into a loaf a lot easier. This is the way we need the bread,
knead the bread, knead the bread, this the way- Levi, shut up! So I’ve shaped the dough. After needing it several
times into a loaf, the loaf goes into your greased pan and
you’re gonna let it rise for another hour. Don’t hurt my cat timer. So we have about 10 minutes
left of our bread rising. I’m going to go ahead
and keep the oven to 425F so it’s been about an hour. We’re going to go ahead and take our
bread-[slap] Don’t touch! As you can see, it’s risen and now fits
our hand pretty nicely. It’s just going to straight to the oven. Most of the time I’d recommend you put
foil over the top because most ovens are hot enough to actually
burn the top of the bread. But mine’s not so I don’t need to do that. [singing] Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow, meow. Meow. Meow. DING! Our bread is now just about finished
and we can get it out of the oven, yay! Ooh, look at that!? Beautiful.
And we do have one more step! You’re going to actually flip the bread
out of the pan and you want to expose as much of its surface area to the
air as possible. The bread still has some moisture to release
and-don’t! So we gotta let it sit. Otherwise you get soggy bread.
We don’t want soggy bread. So it’s been about 10 minutes. Let’s
go ahead and get into our bread, bread knife. And you know which one
the the bread knife is?-Ohkay! Thank you. And… Now you have
a beautiful piece of bread. [sleepily] This is a
test shot, numero uno! Test shot. We’re makin’ bread. If he can talk. (or if Emily can
finish captions properly) Why are you coming through my window? It was open. Just cleaned the floor… Thank you. I like bread! Uh, that’s good! [LAUGHING] What cha makin’?
[CREEPILY] Um, can I help? Uh, get out.


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