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How to Make Wheat Halwa or Godhumai Halwa | Indian Wheat Halwa Recipes | Sweet Recipe | English

hi everyone I’m Sangeehta welcome to my
channel today we are going to make wheat Halwa So let’s cook now. For Wheat Halwa we
need 1 cup whole wheat. we need to soak this wheat for of 18 hours. 1 cup sugar some
cashew nuts 1 cup ghee we need milk from this whole Wheat so we are
going to grind this now. whole weight already grind you can use some water to grind it
easily now we are going to take milk from this. You can use strainer or some
Cloth according to your choice you can use to strain this milk our milk is
ready now you can throw this out we are going to leave this 2 to 3 hours to
settle. Our wheat milk already settled Down Here. I hope you can see the milk
and water separated here now we are going to use Only the milk and we have to
throw this extra water. After we separate the milk from the water we got here 1
cup Wheat milk. Now we are going to add 3 cups of water Now our Wheat Milk ready to make Halwa. Our Pan is Hot now add 1 spoon Ghee. Once Ghee is Melting You Can Add Cashew Nuts you can add caramel now we can add
cashew nut slide them until get brown now / – eNOS is ready now the same thing
we are going to add with milk mix them well keep your fire medium now hour with
milk is getting sick so now we have to prepare our sugar caramelizes for the
caramel sugar add 1 spoon ghee now add 3 spoon sugar we are making our omelet sugar to give
color for out of halwa now our caramel is ready you can add to this halwa you can see after we add the param light
it’s change the color keep stirring it slowly all the time now it’s getting
take cocaine as sugar now I’m going to add these little by little don’t add all these same time every two
minutes clip adding D and get finished it should be cooked thirty to forty
minutes on low fire it’s not the griddle science so that milk is ready so we are
going to transfer to the ball now over this halwa ready to serve
thanks for watching try this recipe at you home please like comment and share
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