1. Baubles Bangles and Beads

    QUESTION; I am going to attempt to draw a cat with my pastel pencils. She is sitting on a brown paper bag and I'm not sure how I should get the texture. Do you have any tips please? Thanks, Janet

  2. Anita Holmes

    I loved this tutorial but have to admit, first, I thought, oh painting on fabric, then. I thought, no, she's painting fabric and by that time the tutorial came up and out came the fabric and I reversed again thinking you were going to paint ON the white fabric….lol
    have I totally confused you? Love your talent….TFS

  3. Inger Teodora

    I really appreciate you doing the painting on different papers. It can be hard to know what issues are caused by the equipment, and what is lack of technique. This was really helpful.

  4. fran rogo

    I learned a great deal from this video. I have since been practicing the two brush method for softening lines…makes a great difference. Thanks Lindsay!

  5. Kat Wang

    I really enjoyed this demonstration of painting fabric! It can be so difficult sometimes! I'd really like to see you review the 48 MEEDEN watercolor paint set that's on Amazon. I've been really curious about them for a while.

  6. Ivy Clara

    Lindsay, This video was SO HELPFUL.  I was about to attempt to watercolor a stone statue and the 2 brush technique was perfect. My stature was so easy to blend this way, instead of constantly washing the paint out of one brush to blend.

  7. Faye L.

    Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for this lesson! I've struggled to get the hard and soft edges right so fabric folds will have that soft flowy look. (Like some curtains and this picnic basket thing I was trying to do) This was wonderful. Also the two brush method helps immensely. I'll be using it a lot from here on in.

  8. TheGuitargurl37

    this was realy intresting yes its very impirtant to look at values. it can be very easy too miss things so yes the importance of really looking at what you see is a great lesson.
    good luck with your stall today, and mingling with book peeps later. thanks again

  9. Poppy Crafts

    Thanks for a wonderful tutorial Lindsay! I've really been enjoying your full-length watercolour lessons and am learning heaps. Thanks so much for the coupon code – I've just signed up for the Feathers and Fowl class and looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Tassycrafty

    Painting fabric is my passion:) but have not painted them in a while. I love painting scrunched up newspaper. Thank you so much for inspiring me to do one. Yours is fabulous and I actually love you and your channel:)

  11. Jayne Posey

    There really is quite a difference in the perspective from the overhead camera vs your perspective where you are sitting. A very beautiful painting either way. Thanks for this lesson 😊

  12. Becky B

    I like being by myself sometimes, cause I can actually get more done that way. But that's generally not the case for me, I am surrounded by 4 cats, 2 dogs and a husband that likes to talk alot. Nuff said.
    Becky B

  13. Vickie

    Looks like we lost a good bit of light on the video after you lifted it to show…about 39:21-26. It was too dark for me after that, but I love the tutorial and think I picked up a good bit of info., regardless. Thanks for sharing this technique, Lindsay!

  14. Becky B

    Yes I too thought you were going to paint fabric, I guess due to the picture of upcoming video showing your bubble wands with colored seam binding streamers. This was interesting, but was kinda hoping you were going to show how to color/tint white seam binding or ribbon. This one reminds me of J D Hillberry, the one that does some amazing pictures with just pencil. Thanks anyway for all that you do. Take care and God bless.
    Sincerely Becky B from Arkansas


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