1. Joanne Donovan

    Thank you for the refresher! I'm making a Churn Dash quilt (in pastels) for a friend far away. I went to my local quilt shop & told them what I was going to do. I picked out a beautiful flower fabric, and then they helped me pick colors from it for the quilt. It's almost a quilt "top", and absolutely gorgeous! My quilt shop always helps me, and another person's eyes may see something that I don't!!

  2. Nicole Mercer

    Hi I really want to learn how to quilt so I am watching these videos so I will know how to pick my fabric and match colors etc thank you for sharing all this info

  3. Marlene McMurtry

    Should I wash my quilt fabric before I quilt it? What about fabric shrinkage? What fabric is best? I am wanting to start quilting but I don't know much about it.

  4. Cheryl Pearson

    How about a show on picking the backing…If the top is busy does the back have to be plain? And picking the quilt design for the top after its completed. Is there such a thing as the design clashing with the pieced quilt top?

  5. Ginmars1

    It's nice that your camera man likes your profile but I'd rather see and listen to you face to face without so much camera action. Great tips just annoying and distracting keeping up with the camera. Thanks!


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