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How to : Plan four your trip to Dimash concert

Hi dears, it’s Hanène from Traveling Dears and I’m very happy to be here today with this new video about how toplan your trip to Dimash concert so I’m doing this video as a follow-up to my other two videos about how to get ticket and how to what to take to queue or to the concert and I thought it might be a good idea and the good moment to give you these tips and share my experience with you as New York is approaching so yes yes so first what I wanted to say is please don’t be afraid and just do it ! because the first time I missed London concert because I was too afraid to travel alone even if I’m from France and you know it’s not so far but I was still afraid because I didn’t know any dear didn’t know anyone and I I just missed the concert this way and then there was Moscow and Kazakhstan and actually Moscow was my first time seeing Dimash and it really went well I didn’t know any dears but I just took my courage and you know just joined groups and everything and talks with other dears and from this moment everything just went well. So there are three important things to plan your trips. First get your tickets Second book your flights and get your visa if you need one and third accomodation so first for tickets, I think, as of now everyone just got their ticket for New York or is getting theirs and everyone is getting to the second step which is booking flights and for this what I recommend is first please use a private navigation tab so you don’t get tracked and price just don’t increase for your trip and also get them as soon as possible because if you are planning the same as me going from a far country to New York then price will get up soon as its in December so get your flights as soon as possible so first as I said private tab then I would say use Google flights and Skyscanner these are the two flight tracker that I use and which are really good because I always get the best price with them so now you booked your flight and you’re looking at accommodation so right now I’m at this step so you have also many possibilities so first you can use booking and book whatever you want but whichever hotel you like or anything or if you are like me and want to stay with other dears then I would recommend to just join the hotel grouping so this is usually done by a team of dears which are really nice because they always do it and it’s a lot of work they just get you know the best hotel for us with a group price and everything and then they offer us the price and either doubles, single room or anything and you just pair up with someone they pair you up with someone and you know it’s really nice to be in the same hotel as other dears especially if you’re alone as of now I travel two times with other dears with the group thing and it was really awesome because you know you can meet up with other people eat with them talk to them and everything so it’s really nice so now you got your flight you got your ticket you got your hotel accommodation and I would also suggest to leave some money for other activities because every time there is a Dimash concert there is also a pre-party so for this usually is the welcoming fan club which holds the party and they give all the information on Facebook Instagram you know all the social media networks and you can go to this party and I recommend it because it’s really nice you get to know other dears get to dance, talk, you have some music you eat and everything it’s really really nice so yes here also I would recommend it and also you can keep some time free to do some tours with other dears usually the team organizing the hotel will also offer some tours to us and you can join or not as you want and yeah that’s pretty much it and it’s really nice to be with other dears all the time you know talking about anything getting to know each other I really like it oh yes before I forget what I did for Kazakhstan because I was staying two weeks which was a lot compared to Moscow I did some excel sheet where I put every day and every activity planed and everything and you know I put the amount here you can see that I had so many things planned because it was really a bit chaotic because a lot of things were planned and everyone was like oh yes I want to go I want to go and I didn’t have time to check on everything so I was just registering myself on Facebook and everything and I was you know I was traveling with Sanja she also often mentioned me on facebook on activities so we can keep track of everything so I put everything in this excel sheet and as you can see it was a bit easier for me for planning purpose and also for budget because at the end you can see at least what you paid what you didn’t pay what you will need to pay once you’re there and you know how much money you need to take for this at least and also another thing this one is also from Sanja because she recommended to me to use some app some budget app for travel purpose it’s called travel spend so I put the link down below and actually It is very good because you can just put your
budget and then you can enter the date of your trip and everything and you can put everything that you bought for this trip like air plane tickets hotel, restaurant, taxi everything and you can just see how much far in your budget it’s really nice I used it a lot and it was quite helpful So I think that will be all for this video I hope it helps you a bit or a lot and if you have any questions just put it in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe please bye dears and see you soon


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