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How to Plant an Indoor Succulent Garden with Horticulture specialist Gina Iliopoulos

All right we’re here my kitchen, and as you
can see we have a a small kitchen table, so if you’ve got limited space this is a great project we can do right here on the kitchen table. Step one’s gonna be to pick a cool container. So we’re talking about kitchen, we got a muffin tin that we just poked some holes into. Or a banana bread loaf pan, you cam use that. We found some cool pieces from grinder
that can be used and these already have holes in them, good drainage, you just a container to collect the water when you
water. Step 2 is going to be to find good soil. So we’ve got here our Miracle-Gro soil that’s blended specifically for succulents. Then we’re just going to pull our succulents out of their pots, get them
into their containers, and make sure they get the right care and maintenance. Let’s get started planting our succulent garden. Okay, so step 1 we’ve picked a really
cool container that we’re going to use. For Step 2 using a good soil and you’re putting in about,
let’s say halfway up on the pot in your
container. Fill it up as much as you think you need
based on how deep your plant is when it’s coming out of
his original container. For Step 3, we’re going to pull our succulents out of their original container, we’re gonna loosen up the roots a bit,
waking up the roots and tucking them into your soil. Once you’ve got the right height and the right amount of soil, just press
them down into the container so that they really stable. Okay, so we planted a couple of straightforward versions in our
pie tins, but this is something a little different. These guys are actually quite decorative,
so we want to raise them up in their drainage containers, so we can see
some that decorative design. And we’re just going to use either a pebble, or marble, or in this case beach glass. We’re just going to line the base of the tin with this just to give them some height.
You can raise these guys as high as you want in the container, but we’re gonna try to
keep them up high so you can really see the decorative nature. You can use marbles, glass chunks,
anything that works for you. Gardenieres are often focused on sustainability, so we’re really excited to be able to use beach glass because we’re recycling glass, this is just
broken up bottles that had been weathered by sand and wind and rain. So we’ve raised them up so you can see the trim in here, and then you have the choice of either
filling in with more of the same or you can do something
different like pebbles. And there we have a nice decorative nature for a couple of very stunning succulents and we can put this anywhere around the
house and even take it outside. So here we have our succulent gardens. We’re so excited about the textures, and the colors, you can mix and match these plants. You can put similar one together, or
different colors together, and different textures together. You really have unlimited possibilities here. We’re also going to make sure that
these guys get on a regular feeding schedule in about a month. So, for projects like this one and so
many more, join us at


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