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How to play Crop Cycle – Games Explained

Crop Cycle is a 30 minute farming game for
2 to 5 players. Plant and harvest point-winning crops faster
than your opponents to win the game. Hinder other players and withstand the elements
in this quick competitive farming game. In crop cycle, your goal is to collect five
harvest points by planting and harvesting crops. Each year is split into four seasons in which
certain cards can be used. During each season there is a Planting Phase
and a Harvest Phase. In the Planting Phase, take turns once around
the table starting with the “first player”, and do the following things: Either draw 3 cards, to a maximum of 6 cards in your
hand, and end your turn. OR you may discard all your cards and draw
one fewer than you had before (but at least 1).
THEN you may plant one green Crop Card that matches the current season, or more than one
if they are of the same type. THEN you may play one blue Event Card.
At any time during your turn, and as many times as you like, you can discard 3 cards
to remove a weed from your field. If an action card increases or decreases the
value of a crop, indicate it by placing that number of tokens on top of it. Farmers Fortune cards can be played immediately
after any player has played a blue Event Card to cancel its action. They can also be used to cancel other Farmers
Fortune cards. After the Planting Phase is the Harvest Phase. Any player with 0 cards in their hand may
draw one card, then each player discards any harvestable
field for the current season and receives harvest points equal to the number on the
card. If any player has five or more victory points,
the game ends. Otherwise, if it is winter, discard everyone’s
crop cards and move the 1st player token to the next
player. Move the season indicator to the next season
and begin the next Planting Phase. If at any point the draw deck is depleted,
play until the end of the harvest phase, and then end the game. At the end of the game, if one player has
five or more points, they win! If more than one player does, or the game
ended early, whoever has the most points wins. If it’s a tie, whoever is earliest in the
turn order wins. To start the game, shuffle the cards and give
each player five. Give one player the 1st player token, and set the current season
to spring. We’re Games Explained, and that’s how
to play Crop Cycle.

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