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How to Pot Up Transplants

Hi, I’m Jon Traunfeld with the University of
Maryland Extension here to talk to you a little bit about vegetable transplants. We’ve got a tomato plant
that was grown inside. It was started a little bit too early
and now the plant has overgrown the container. This is a three inch container. The plant’s already reached 15 inches in
height and it’s not time to plant yet. So what we’re going to do is
pot up into a larger container. First I want to just gently take the plant
out of its current container and show you how overgrown the
root system is getting. The roots are growing around
the inside of the container. So we’ve got a pot up and the first thing
I would do is remove lower leaves on the plant so they’re not buried. And we’ve gone ahead and added a little
bit of good growing mix to the bottom of this larger container and we’re just
going to pop the plant right in there and start filling it up. This is also a good time to add a little
bit of fertilizer because there’s not enough nutrients in the growing mix. And now the tomato plant
is in a happy new home, it can grow here for another week or two
if it needs to get hardened off out on the porch or the deck before
you put it out into the garden.

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