1. Jamie Andrick

    Just fyi.. the title is a little misleading.. inkjet is dye based usually from my understanding, not pigment based.. if I'm wrong, please correct me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sam

    I know this is an older video and I probably won't get a response. But can you use wax paper? I saw some people use wax paper but I'm curious how even if it transfers with that if it will stick. And if I use your method of freezer paper, will that stick or wash out? And another question I have, is there a website where you can customize what design you want to iron on something for cheap?

  3. B Juliana Leo

    I didn't see the RETAYNE until the end – might be worth mentioning ALL supplies needed to do this project. besides the list below the video. just saying… I know this isn't a professional video, but helpful to try and attain a professional status, someday ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aalihte

    school glue/water mixture lightly run along the edge w/ a finger…dries quick, keeps edges tidy (temporarily) during print process ect..and is washable. or even wipeable with a damp cloth. usually no soap needed.

  5. SK

    A very helpful video. As a side note, I would caution against putting the basin with hot water on top of your expensive cutting board. Warping may occur. I don't know what the Retayne might do to it. Otherwise, thanks for the demonstration.

  6. Alpha Omega Soaps Christine Kenyon

    Great video! I've watched other videos of how to print on fabric and none were as thorough as this one. Thank you! A thought–I'm making some brand labels for my products using this method and plan to use fusible vinyl on the fabric to further protect the design since my products are for bath and body. I'm hoping it works. I will also use the Rotayne. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Daveyjo Weaver

    I am excited to try this. Very good instruction. Thank You Kindly and Happy New Year to You and your Family! DaveyJO in Pennsylvania

  8. Lily Stitch

    Why aren't you doing it the simpler way with inkjet transfer paper that is purposely made for that and the kind I use is waterproof. My transfer papers make the ink transfer into the actual threads of the fabric instead of sitting on top. It becomes part of the shirt, not something sitting on top like other transfers. This is far too much work when I an use my transfer papers and my heat press and have it done in less than 3 minutes.

  9. ConnieSmith

    This was really clear and helpful. I had a question about the Retayne treatment – do you know if you could treat more than one fabric sheet at a time? Thanks for any advice on this.

  10. Shelagh Hetreed

    Thank you! I watched other videos and attempted to use the freezer paper (as suggested) through my printer- and it just completely crumpled and jammed. I will now try this.

  11. Frank Harriger

    The most confusing tutorial I have ever seen.
    5 mins in & I still cant figure out what you are talking about.
    Ill just stick with airbrushing.


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