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How to Raise Baby Chicks : How to Build a Brooder House for Chickens

I’m Dr. T. K. Roy. Speaking on behalf of Expert
Village. In the brooder house where we are sitting at the moment, the brooder house should
be very, very comfortable for the birds. That is one point. All houses, whether brooder
house, or layer house, should be comfortable to the birds. That is the first criteria.
It should be well ventilated, and it should be, if possible, full of sunshine, so that
the — with the, humidity we have, the inside remains very dry, and without any obnoxious
smell inside the house. And, structure should be very permanent also. Until and unless you
give permanent structure, like cemented floor, like cemented wall, and all those things
— but cleaning the walls and the floors is very, very important, because you have to
maintain good hygiene inside the brooder house. Another very important aspect I would emphasize
is that the feeder and the waterer should be absolutely clean before they’re being used.
After the day, when you again come to give feed and water on the next morning, both the
container — I mean the feeder and the waterer — should be properly cleaned by scrubbing
and by cleaning under fresh water and then new water for the next day will be poured
over that. So this is very important. You should not forget to clean out feeder and
waterer. Otherwise, these two will become the potential source of infection and disease
for the birds. Thank you very much.


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  2. Dewi Raimundo Author

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  3. Melissa Pixley Author

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  4. MANOJ BUNDE Author

    Dr.Roy u r an veterinarian U should not talk in general terms what do u mean by brooder house should be it has to be kept clean should be explained fumigation ,steam cleaning and other proceedure shld be explnd.Use of disinfectant and use of infra red bulbs be specific rather then being general.


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