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How to Raise Baby Chicks : How to Protect Baby Chicks from Predators

I am Dr. T. K. Roy, speaking on behalf of
Expert Village. Protecting our birds from predators, as I have already explained, there
are different kinds. See, from the, from the rats, et cetera, which come from under the
ground, you know. So what do they do? We can cement our floor, or we can make our floor
in such a way so that the rats cannot dug inside and come inside the house. I have seen,
in a particular area, that on the floor, before it is getting cemented, about six to eight
inches sand is used as a floating material. So after it is removed, it has been filled
with sand, with six to eight inches depth, and then brick-layed and over that seventy
centimeters. So thereby they could prevent some of the, you know, rats coming from the
ground. And some of the houses I have seen, that they have a, you know, breaking continuity
from the road to inside. Say, once you like to go inside the house, a chicken house, you
are to use certain stairs. Now, after three or fours stairs, is the floor of the house.
So what they have done, they have put a gap of about eight to twelve inches between the
step and the floor so the rats cannot just take the stairs to come inside, in a building.
Again, the floors of certain buildings has been extended by about sixteen to eighteen
inches on the sides so that the rats cannot all just climb and climb back inside the inner
floor area. So these are very effective measures for preventing rats as predators.
the predators which come from under the ground, you know, under, from the, from the floor
itself. Like the big rodents, rats, is it a, they destroy the, you know, small chicks.
They eat our food. They were causing a lot of loss to the farmer. Thank you very much.


  1. lateboy4 Author

    The advice against rats is concrete the ground and/or raise the ground by about 8 inches and having stairs with a big gap between them and the chickens.

    Any thing more cheaper or easier perhaps? Seems excessive if I did that for 4 chicks

  2. Frederick Dunn Author

    In the United States, field rats are amazing jumpers… the gap between stairs and threshold doesn't work with a rat that can jump a 3' span and achieve a vertical jump also of a couple feet. Clearing away debris from coop areas is a first step. Keeping feed inside and not available outside is also a good idea. Metal bins and rodent proof hen doors at night are also key. Concrete steps actually provide protection for rats that will tunnel beneath. Clean hen yard, no hiding places…


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