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How to Raise Baby Chicks : How to Transfer Chicken Eggs for Hatching

I’m Dr. T.K. Roy speaking on behalf of expert
village. Well we are standing at the moment in front of the yard of incubators. Big X
produces vertical chicken. All eggs are 2.5 ounces. So after selection we will put them
in the egg tray incubator. Now this is an incubator. It has a capacity of 20,500 eggs.
Now as I open the door, as you can see how the eggs sit inside the incubator. The temperature
indicator fan is there above that. Temperature is normally; inside the incubator is 102 degrees
Fahrenheit. And it remains like that the entire period of incubation that will one day that
change chicken eggs into little ducklings. So these are tipped like this and you can
see it is repeated like this on the other side. So the temperature is given uniformly
on all parts of the egg. So after aging these 18 days they are taken out. We use an electric
lamp to see inside the egg. So we find some of the eggs has nothing very clear inside.
Not really like an embryo. In some of the eggs the embryo has developed fully. Then
we take all those eggs with the embryo fully alive that could be seen under the light.
In 18 days we will transfer the eggs from the egg trays to the chick trays. Now you
can see where the chicks have come out after 21 days already. Thank-You.


  1. rshe11boy2 Author i have chickens at home..and like she put 1egg today..what do ido with it?do i remove it or leave it with her? if i remove it where do i put it? in the hot or the cold?and when do i give them back to her to hatch? plz answer i really need ur help.


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