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How to Raise Baby Chicks : How to Transport a One Day Old Chick

I am Dr. T. K Roy speaking on behalf of Expert
Village. One day old chicks, they are the chicks that come out of the hatchery. They
do not require any food and water for 48 hours. But given if, they don’t require, if we give
them it is no harm. Since they do not require any food and water for 48 hours it is very
easy to transport them. They are easily put in a kit box having a hundred birds in four
compartments. And then transported in the box to long distances that may require about
two days time. Now once they reach their destination I mean the farm or where they are supposed
to be, they are put under Brooder box of canopy type over Brooder. Thank you very much.


  1. animalcrazyirish Author

    That's so sad I hate to see chicks like that, our hen hatched some babies today, her and her babies can roam around as far as they want and eat worms unlike those poor babies.

  2. beaelliott Author

    They should be hatched and cared for by the mother hen. Shipping chicks is horrible! Many arrive dead – How would you like to be stuck in a carboard box with no food/water/light for days??? Terribly cruel!

  3. Zadiel Vazquez Author

    they are supposed to do express. they should only be in there for 1 day max. i always go to my local farmers so im good. but im with you though, i dunno how people can ship new borns

  4. reedbabes Author

    I don't understand why this is so disturbing to some viewers. It's not as if someone, say, injected the eggs wtih dye so they would be multi-colored chicks. That practice would be treating them as objects. They do absorb the yolk while in the egg and it does sustain them for a few days. But you must always give water your poultry, especially in the winter when water freezes.

  5. minorthreat141 Author

    @fiorellarea1989 I see your point, but it's because we don't eat the children. We only care after chickens more than 3rd world starving children because one day we will eat the chickens/eggs

  6. Kaspar George Author

    Depends on what chicken or chick type your looking for. Those yellow ones maybe about 6 dollars as a chick, 12 for an adult yellow.Idk how much brown and blackish ones are…

  7. Jeffrey White Author

    For the first 72 hours after hatching, chicks are still ingesting their yolk sack. This gives them the nutrition they need to survive the journey from hatchery to home. As soon as you pick them up from the post office, though, they'll need some TLC including access to food, water and an environment that's about 95 degrees.


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