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How to Raise Baby Chicks : How to Vaccinate Baby Chicks

I am Dr. T. K. Roy speaking on behalf of Expert
Village. They are small chicks. Their body resistance is not that strong as that of the
adult birds so they require protection. And it is the breeder who started giving them
protection. That is, we started giving them vaccinations. You have seen when the chicks
are taken out from the incubator they are given some vaccine in the form of a drop in
the nostril. So that is what we call the extrain of RD vaccine. That is very dangerous disease
known as as Ranikhet Disease or commonly known as RD. Ranikhet Disease, that is a viral or
virus disease, so to protect the birds we start giving a vaccination right from the
one day stage. And then the same vaccine is repeated…for giving…one day what we are
giving the protection is not to maintain more than 12 weeks or 14 weeks. So before that
we have to give them again a vaccination for the same disease and in that case the protection
remains life long. So that is the second vaccination we are to give between 6 and 8 weeks. And
apart from that, there are other vaccine cultures. There are vaccines for the Fowl Cholera. There
are vaccines for Fowl Pox. There are vaccines for Fowl Typhoid and there are certain bacterial
diseases also for which though there is no vaccine, but there are good medicine now available
which can be used to prevent the bacterial diseases among the poultry birds. You give
them better comfort. You give them better feed. You give them good, clean water and
you give them proper protection at proper age and the birds will be happy to grow and
they will give you back what ever care and nutrition you have done for the birds by giving
more meat, more eggs, when they grow old. Thank you.


  1. Liezl Segales Author

    Pls share vaccination program dr. Most videos here arent in english..
    I would gladly appreciate it if u post a vaccination program ..pls. and thank u


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